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Welcome to Fridays@Noon.

Fridays@Noon is a educational talk show series held on a bi-weekly basis in the HR Conference Room (4th floor) in Mary Reed from 12:00-12:50pm. The format will range from speakers to interviews to discussions on both personal and professional topics. Be sure to sign up on PioneerWeb as there are only six seats available per show.

Below is our latest Fridays@Noon on the topic of Facilitating Effective Meetings with Greg Giesen & Heidi Perman. 

All shows 12:00pm-12:45pm (although actual filming is 20-30 minutes)

Upcoming Shows

Friday, April 21st: Helpful Tips for Interacting with People with Disabilities with Rufina Herna'ndez.

Friday, May 5th: Greg and Ken continue with Eight Simple Rules to Managing Conflict featuring Rule 7: Manage the How and the What.

Friday, May 19th: Why Sustainability? Chad King, DU's Sustainability Coordinator, talks about the keys to sustainability and why it's important.

Friday, June 2nd: We continue the sustainability conversation as we discuss, What is DU Doing?

Friday, June 16th: Chad King, DU's Sustainability Coordinator returns to talk about, How Does Waste Work?

Friday, July 14th: The Human Side of Retiring with retired Director of the Career Center, John Haag.

* We may switch up some of the above programs.

To Register:

Go to Pioneer Web, click Employee, click Training, click Professional and Career Development and remember to bring your lunch. 

Please email Greg Giesen any suggestions for topics and/or on-campus guests. We value your idea.

 Past Shows

Past Shows

To enlarge the videos below, right click on the video and either: 1) Open link in a new tab, or 2) Get video URL, copy and paste in new browser.


Should We Bring a Toastmasters Club to DU?" with Mia Elizardi, Greg Giesen, and Camila Angelim.

The Manager-360 process featuring Greg Giesen and Ken Pinnock.

Anger Management is the topic for this show with Ken Pinnock, Greg Giesen, and Shannon Seales.

This show features an in-depth discussion on interviewing and hiring techniques and tips with Ken Pinnock (People Development), Laura Maresca (Equal Opportunity), and Marcy Cozens (Shared Services).

Special Conflict Series

Rule 1 (Begin with the End in Mind) of Eight Simple Rules to Managing Conflict. Click Here to following along with the corresponding article.

Greg Giesen discusses Rule 2 of his Eight Simple Rules to Managing Conflict, called Stay Off the Ladder. Click Here to follow along with the article on Rule 2 which includes the ladder diagram.

Greg Giesen shares Rules 3 (Choose Your Style) and Rule 4 (Take the Initiative) of his Eight Simple Rules for Managing Conflict.

Greg Giesen and Ken Pinnock discuss Rule 5 (Focus Out Before Focusing In) of Greg's Eights Simple Rules to Managing Conflict.

In this show, we continue with our Eight Simple Rules for Managing Conflict series by looking at Rule 6: Ask for What You Need.

Handout on Asking For What You Need, click here .

Boost Your Zen and Wellness expert, Grace Estripeaut, discusses Mindfulness and how to develop it.

Ken Pinnock interviews the Risk Management team at DU. This video is required watching for those completing the Supervisory Skills-2 Pathway.

DU photographer, Wayne Armstrong, shares some of his photos and the amazing stories behind them.

Ken Pinnock, director of people development, shares his presentation, "You Did Not Just Say That! Verbal De-escalation Tactics In The Workplace" with Shannon Seales.

Our special Halloween Fridays@Noon featured Karen Storsteen, Psychotherapist, Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, Executive Coach, Master Psychic and Medium, talking about how to raise our intuition.


Staff Advisory Council president, Theresa Hernandez, talks about the new SAC!

Master Team Builder, Tim Lane of Peak Experiences International, discusses the art of team building, what it is, and why to do it.

Communicating with Non-Native Speakers of English featuring Tim Robinson and Laura Buhs.

Dr. Thomas Walker on Inclusive Excellence.

Ken Pinnock discusses the "managers" impact on employee health.

Greg Giesen discusses the causes of dysfunctional teams and what to do about it.


An interview with time management expert, Dr. Doug Gertner.


 Managing Up with Greg and Ken.