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Performance Management

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Performance Management

Performance Cycle Graphic

Performance Management

Steps in the Process:


    1. Employee sets their own goals
    2. Supervisor cascades goals to their direct reports
    3. Employee asks for approval of their goal plan
    4. Supervisor approves their direct reports goal plans


    1. Employee and Supervisor meet to discuss progress
    2. Edits are made to the goal plan as priorities change


    1. Employee completes self-appraisal (with approved goals listed under Performance Goals)
    2. Supervisor completes direct report's appraisal
    3. Supervisor schedules a review meeting with direct report
    4. Supervisor signs off on final appraisal
    5. Employee signs off on final appraisal

If you have completed any of the steps out of order, it is possible that you will not have your goals listed in your appraisal form. Please email if you need assistance.

INSTRUCTIONS: How to Log in to Performance

Performance is now linked to DU's Single Sign On (SSO)!

  • Use the same URL (see link above or link in Employee tab in PioneerWeb)
  • After clicking on link, the page that opens is the DU login page 
  • Your login credentials will be your DU email and PioneerWeb password

For Performance related questions, please contact

For login assistance, please contact the UTS Help Desk at 303-471-4700 . Some examples of issues are receiving an error upon login, password reset, or confirming your email address.

Timeline of the Standard Appraisal process

Used by most divisions on campus.

Timeline of the Standard Performance Appraisal process

Timeline of the Academic Year Appraisal process

Student Life, Residence Life, Health & Counseling, Athletics, Campus Safety

 Timeline of the Academic Year Performance Appraisal process

NOTE:  If you complete an Executive Narrative Appraisal form, or are in a unit that does appraisals on an alternate schedule, please follow the timeline communicated by your manager.

Watch the Fridays@Noon video below for additional information

Performance Management Training Materials

Performance Planning - Goals

Performance Appraisals

To request a supervisor change, please complete the following instructions: 

  1. Log into PioneerWeb
  2. Click on "Job Change Request" under the "Employee" tab
  3. Choose "Job Change Request"
  4. Enter the Employee's information (who will be getting a new supervisor)
  5. Under "Job Action", choose "Job and Position Change"
  6. Click "Continue" 
  7. Scroll to the middle of the page and choose a new supervisor for the employee
  8. If there are additional job changes for this employee, they can also be done at this time
  9. Click Save and Continue

If you have any questions related to the performance management process or the Performance system, please email