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Performance Management

The goal of the Performance Management Process at DU is to ensure that managers and employees understand and communicate openly about job performance, goals and timelines, and how to help employees develop the skills and abilities that they need to achieve performance goals and be successful at the University.The supervisor and employee have equal responsibility to contribute to the performance review process. Both should understand the job responsibilities, job goals, and the related standards against which actual performance will be evaluated.

The University of Denver's performance management cycle for staff runs October through September. The recommended timeline is:

  • Setting Expectations: Mid-October through December
  • Progress Discussions: January through July
  • Year-End Review: August through September

The deadline to complete the 2013/2014 performance form is Friday, October 10, 2014. However, specific timelines throughout the process may vary by Division. Check with your manager for details.

Access to the Online Performance Management System (Staff)
Access to the performance management system and your performance form is through webCentral. Click here to enter your DU ID number and PioneerWeb passcode. After logging in, you will be redirected to the performance management system.

Performance Management Process

Setting Expectations (Part 1)
Before working in the online system, it's recommended that managers and employees meet to complete the following:

    • Review the employee's job description
    • Discuss job responsibilities, job goals, competencies and expectations
    • Review the 5-point performance rating scale
    • Discuss any training or professional development requirements/goals
    • Review what information will be entered into the performance form (responsibilities, goals, competencies, weighting, etc.)

The employee is responsible for entering this information into the performance form. The manager then reviews for approval and sends the form to the next step, Progress Discussions.

Ideally, this process takes place October through December or within the first 30 days of a new employee starting. This helps clarify and determine expectations for the upcoming year and is valuable for both the employee and manager.

Progress Discussions (Part 2)
Managers and employees are encouraged to meet and discuss performance progress throughout the year. The Progress Discussion step in the online performance management system is a way for employees and managers to update job responsibility and goal status, document achievements, areas for improvement and any related action items regarding the employee's performance.

Using this section of the performance form is valuable to both the employee and the manager during the year-end review process. It's a way to track progress throughout the year so you have information readily available for the self-assessment and review by manager activities.

Year-End Review (Part 3)
The year-end review process includes:

      • Employee self-evaluation
      • Review by manager & annual performance review meeting
      • Acknowledgement and signature (by employee)

Mid-August, managers move forms from Progress Discussions to Self-Evaluation. The employee then completes a self-assessment. They provide ratings and comments for each job responsibility, job goal and competency (if applicable, not all units use competencies). After completing this step, the employee sends the form to the manager.

The manager completes the review by manager step in the form. The manager rates each job responsibility, job goal and competency (if applicable, not all units use competencies). The manager and employee meet to discuss the employee's performance and progress, overall rating and set expectations and goals for the upcoming year. The manager then sends the form to the employee for review and acknowledgement.

This completes the performance management review process.