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Degree Programs

Educator Opportunities

Professional Development

In addition to providing support to those in positions of leadership, the Institute is dedicated to training teachers who work in varied settings.

Teacher workshops, conferences, professional development and site visits provide practitioners actively engaged in the field with education and training opportunities. These opportunities target specific trends in both gifted education and general education and are responsive to the environments in which teachers are working.

To provide these services, Institute personnel stay abreast of current issues in the field of gifted education. They also capitalize on the unique position of the model, which not only conducts research but provides service to gifted students on a daily basis at the Ricks Center for Gifted Children. The school is able to serve as an exemplar of best practices gleaned from research, theory and implementation of service.

The continuous presence of the Institute at a range of conferences across the country and world supports our critical outreach goals. Presentations introduce researchers and practitioners to the curriculum units, monographs and school model. Many presentation attendees establish long-term relationships with Institute personnel as they seek guidance, advice and appropriate materials for implementation into their own gifted programs.

Teachers and researchers from around the world have scheduled site visits to the Ricks Center through contacts made at one of the many conferences where the Institute has been represented. Indeed, many—including the host organizations of the conferences—now seek out both the presentations and materials offered by the Institute. If you're interested in scheduling a site visit, please contact us.

Presentations and participation at conferences have led to Institute personnel assuming leadership roles in various organizations dedicated to the development of the field of gifted education. Through these leadership roles, we anticipate helping to shape the 21st century implementation of gifted education.