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Need for Gifted Education

Gifted children have specialized learning needs in the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and cognitive domains.

Just as students with learning disabilities require special services, gifted students also need an environment that can understand and address their unique learning needs. An essential element in this process is to have teachers trained in gifted education to meet the needs of these students.


When compared with children their age, gifted students display advanced abilities in general intellectual aptitude, which may be exhibited in specific domains such as creativity, language, mathematics or science.

Gifted children have the ability to learn at faster rates and in greater depth, to find and solve problems more readily, and to understand, manipulate, and connect abstract or seemingly unrelated ideas.

These abilities—combined with their intellectual curiosity, emotional intensity, moral sensitivity, playful creativity and unique learning styles—engender the need for a differentiated educational program.

Learning needs of gifted children are directly related to characteristics. As these needs are met, children thrive, becoming life-long learners passionate about their experiences with a love of tackling new challenges.