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Institute for the Development of Gifted Education

Creating awareness, understanding and appreciation for gifted learning

The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education (IDGE) produces and shares the latest curriculum, research and policy about gifted education to ensure the world is aware of, understands and supports giftedness in our society.

Housed on the University of Denver campus, the Institute is an educational clearinghouse for educators, policymakers, families of gifted children and schools across the world—including the University’s own Ricks Center for Gifted Children.

Ours is one of only four institutions in the field that combines research, curriculum development and outreach in gifted education in partnership with graduate education through the Morgridge College of Education.

What we do

  • Research how gifted children develop cognitively, socially, and affectively to create awareness and understanding.
  • Produce outreach programs that support gifted children.
  • Design, develop, test and implement effective curriculum for gifted children.
  • Provide gifted educators opportunities for professional growth through conferences, workshops and other resources.
  • Publish professional articles and research—including our monograph series.

Learn more about our work—including the Institute’s latest publications, research and curriculum, resources for current and aspiring gifted education professionals, and upcoming and past events.