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Institute for the Development of Gifted Education

Mission & Vision

What is The Institute?

The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education was established in conjunction with The Ricks Center for Gifted Children in 1997 through a generous gift from The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation.

We disseminate information about gifted education, share curricula with a broader audience, and create and distribute professional research and articles related to the field of gifted education.

The Institute is one of only four institutions in the field that combines research, curriculum development and outreach in gifted education in partnership with graduate education, through the Morgridge College of Education.


The Institute's mission consists of:

  • design, development, field-testing, and production of curriculum materials;
  • research in cognitive and psychosocial domains, program effectiveness and development of gifted education;
  • publication of monographs and professional materials;
  • outreach to support gifted education; and
  • graduate education.

When The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education achieves its vision:

  1. People across the nation and the world will have a deeper understanding of intellectual giftedness. In every community, gifted children will be understood, embraced and nurtured in realizing their full potential.
  2. Educators and parents in every community will use research-based curricula, training and other resources required to provide a quality, individualized gifted education.

The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education works to ensure that giftedness is understood, embraced and nurtured systematically, while the Ricks Center for Gifted Children strives to be the leading lighthouse example of gifted education best practices in action. Together, their shared vision is to achieve the realization of every gifted child's full potential.

When this simple yet powerful vision is achieved, people across the nation and the world will come to the University of Denver to see the most effective, comprehensive implementation of gifted education best practices.

The Institute and the Ricks Center have identified goals essential to achieving their shared vision:

  • Advance the field of gifted education via innovation and implementation.
  • Increase general awareness and support of giftedness for the public good.
  • Expand and maintain a model of the optimal learning environment for gifted education.
  • Increase and sustain access for eligible students.
  • Develop outstanding faculty and administrators.