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Institute for the Development of Gifted Education

Palmarium Award

2015 Palmarium award winner - dr. julia link roberts

2015 Palmarium Announcement

Julia and Norma


Palmarium plate2013 Palmarium award 

nner - dr. sylvia Julia's lunchtime address


2013 Palmarium award recipient - Dr. Sylvia Rimm

Dr. Sylvia Rimm received her award and made the lunchtime address at the Institute's 2013 conference, "Engaging the Heart & Mind–Character Education for Gifted Learners."

2013 conference photo for Palmarium page

Palmarium award 

The Palmarium Award is awarded to the individual most exemplifying the vision of the Institute for the Development of Gifted Education:

A future in which giftedness will be understood, embraced, and
systemically nurtured throughout the nation and the world.

Recipients demonstrate the Institute's vision through understanding of giftedness in the areas of:

  1. Practice by impacting graduate education, pre-service, and P-12 community
  2. Outreach through advocacy at a variety of levels (local, national, international)
  3. Publications informing teachers, children, parents, policy makers, and academia
  4. Research influencing theory, practice, and policy

The award will be presented at the Institute for the Development of Gifted Education's conference, Weaving Together Innovative Thinking and Design: The Future of Differentiation, on February 6, 2015.  The recipient will also deliver the lunchtime keynote address.

palmarium award nominations

Nomination window is closed for 2015.