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Integrated Curriculum Unit Covers

Projects & Publications


Part of the mission of The Institute for the Development of Gifted Education is to design, develop, field test and produce curriculum materials, as well as publish monographs and professional materials.

These publications can be ordered by faxing or emailing our order form (PDF) or online at

Publications are an important part of The Institute; they serve as a resource for the importance of gifted education, and the development and distribution of quality materials for gifted students.

Curriculum Units

The curriculum units utilize an integrated curriculum model that is unique to gifted students. The curriculum units continue to meet the needs of teachers and students in multiple settings.

Many units are developed at the Ricks Center for Gifted Children each school year. We spend two to three years testing the curricula's efficacy with various groups of students and teachers, in multiple classrooms. They are also replicated in settings outside the Ricks Center to determine if the curriculum units are viable options for various kinds of programs.

The process of publishing a unit typically takes from 18 months to three years. See a list of currently published units.


The monographs are collections of research-based articles from scholars in the field of gifted education. The articles are collected around a specific topic and published as a collection representing various perspectives across the field of gifted education.

Professional Materials

We use criteria similar to that for creating units to develop teaching cards and additional materials to assist classroom teachers. The Institute also develops articles for journals and other publications that represent the needs of personnel within the field of education.