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This series was compiled to provide a resource for educators, parents, university personnel and anyone interested in gifted education.

Young Gifted Children (Volume 1)
  • This volume includes different perspectives on identification, characteristics and needs of young gifted children.
  • Articles include topics such as the social-emotional development of the young gifted child, an examination of an action-research study and curricular recommendations, among others.
  • Dr. Nancy Hertzog and Dr. Nancy Robinson served as guest editors.
Twice Exceptional Children (Volume 2)
  • This volume focuses on the characteristics and needs of twice-exceptional students.
  • Articles focus on issues such as misdiagnosis and dual diagnoses of gifted children, classroom adjustment difficulties, a compilation of research regarding the reading and writing problems of high school gifted students with learning disabilities, and Asperger's Syndrome, among others.
  • Dr. Susan Baum served as guest editor.
  • See the table of contents
Personality and Emotional Development in Gifted Children: Instilling Hope and Resilience (Volume 3)
  • This volume of Perspectives in Gifted Education includes perspectives on the emotional development and personality development of gifted children.
  • Articles focus on issues of resiliency, hope, personality development and Dabrowski's theory of positive disintegration.
  • Dr. James Delisle served as guest editor.
Diverse Gifted Learners (Volume 4)
  • This volume focuses on diversity within gifted learners.
  • Articles focus on cultural diversity, physical diversity and gender issues, among others.
  • Dr. Jaime A. Castellano served as guest editor.
  • See the table of contents.
Creativity (Volume 5)
  • This volume focuses on the construct of creativity.
  • Articles focus on defining creativity, teaching for creativity and the creative process, among others.
  • Strong topics of interest also include models of creativity, different kinds of creative expression and facilitating creativity in the classroom.
  • Dr. Bonnie Cramond served as guest editor.
  • See the table of contents

Conference proceedings and selected articles


Greatest Potential, Greatest Need: Soaring Beyond Expectations—Conference Proceedings and Selected Articles Focusing on the Highly Gifted
  • This volume highlights the highly gifted individual with social-emotional insights, effective practices, creativity applications and asynchrony within this population.

  • See the table of contents.