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Compendium and Teaching Cards

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Teacher compendium for human rights education

The purpose of the Teacher Compendium for Human Rights Education is to develop a heightened awareness and understanding of a range of human rights issues. Many educators are passionately interested in human rights issues but are less certain about how to introduce these issues to their young students. Other educators may be unfamiliar with the range of issues under the umbrella of human rights. Still others believe that their settings or communities might be opposed to the teaching of such issues. Finally, most educators feel pressed to cover the necessary content in current curricula and fear the addition of another topic. This compendium addresses each of these in a practical and engaging format.

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First Things First: Circle Discussion Cards
  • This set of 50 cards includes a wide range of topics designed to intrigue and stimulate the gifted learner. The cards are intended for use as part of an opening meeting or group discussion to address topics such as the role of perseverance, the value and use of money in various societies and cultures, and definitions of words that can be individually meaningful.
  • Cards provide teachers with background for the discussion, sample questions and "four-corners" activities designed to involve all learners. The "First Things First: Circle Discussion Cards" have been successfully used in a variety of settings, with both small and large groups by gifted coordinators and general classroom teachers.
Larry Math Cards
  • Gifted children thrive on math problems that require them to wrestle with both skills and concepts—problems that befuddle and intrigue.
  • Larry Hillman spent many years designing just such problems for use with young gifted mathematicians. The problems are intended to be presented to individual students or small groups of students, and then "wrestled" with as the teacher acts as guide, mentor and fellow problem solver.
  • Teachers have structured these experiences in a variety of ways, from conducting email conversations back and forth with students to asking questions and prompting further thinking to small group meetings designed to allow students to share their thinking with a wider audience.
Incidental Illuminations & Inspirations (Creativity Quotes)
  • Quotes are an engaging way to start lessons, inspire thoughts and generate discussions.
  • The cards in this set contain quotes about creativity. Teachers have utilized them in a variety of ways with adults and children, providing and engaging opportunities to assess the importance of creativity.