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Each monograph is a collection of research-based articles from experts within the field of gifted education.  These articles were compiled to provide a resource for educators, parents, university personnel and anyone interested in gifted education. The newest monograph is unique in combining conference presentations and solicited articles from experts within the field.

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This series was compiled to provide a resource for educators, parents, university personnel and anyone interested in gifted education.

Young Gifted Children (Volume 1)
  • This volume includes different perspectives on identification, characteristics and needs of young gifted children.
  • Articles include topics such as the social-emotional development of the young gifted child, an examination of an action-research study and curricular recommendations, among others.
  • Dr. Nancy Hertzog and Dr. Nancy Robinson served as guest editors.
Twice Exceptional Children (Volume 2)
  • This volume focuses on the characteristics and needs of twice-exceptional students.
  • Articles focus on issues such as misdiagnosis and dual diagnoses of gifted children, classroom adjustment difficulties, a compilation of research regarding the reading and writing problems of high school gifted students with learning disabilities, and Asperger's Syndrome, among others.
  • Dr. Susan Baum served as guest editor.
  • See the table of contents
Personality and Emotional Development in Gifted Children: Instilling Hope and Resilience (Volume 3)
  • This volume of Perspectives in Gifted Education includes perspectives on the emotional development and personality development of gifted children.
  • Articles focus on issues of resiliency, hope, personality development and Dabrowski's theory of positive disintegration.
  • Dr. James Delisle served as guest editor.
Diverse Gifted Learners (Volume 4)
  • This volume focuses on diversity within gifted learners.
  • Articles focus on cultural diversity, physical diversity and gender issues, among others.
  • Dr. Jaime A. Castellano served as guest editor.
  • See the table of contents.
Creativity (Volume 5)  **SOLD OUT**
  • This volume focuses on the construct of creativity.
  • Articles focus on defining creativity, teaching for creativity and the creative process, among others.
  • Strong topics of interest also include models of creativity, different kinds of creative expression and facilitating creativity in the classroom.
  • Dr. Bonnie Cramond served as guest editor.
  • See the table of contents

Conference proceedings and selected articles

Greatest Potential, Greatest Need: Soaring Beyond Expectations—Conference Proceedings and Selected Articles Focusing on the Highly Gifted
  • This volume highlights the highly gifted individual with social-emotional insights, effective practices, creativity applications and asynchrony within this population.

  • See the table of contents.

Teacher compendium for human rights education

The purpose of the Teacher Compendium for Human Rights Education is to develop a heightened awareness and understanding of a range of human rights issues. Many educators are passionately interested in human rights issues but are less certain about how to introduce these issues to their young students. Other educators may be unfamiliar with the range of issues under the umbrella of human rights. Still others believe that their settings or communities might be opposed to the teaching of such issues. Finally, most educators feel pressed to cover the necessary content in current curricula and fear the addition of another topic. This compendium addresses each of these in a practical and engaging format.

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