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Study Abroad

The best way to understand another culture is to experience it, to connect with it for a prolonged period. This also encourages a deeper understanding of our own cultures as we interact with and learn from others.

At the University of Denver, we strive to develop cross-cultural connections--and the new perspectives that come with them--by encouraging students to study and live abroad for at least one quarter. We want our graduates to appreciate and understand the differences and interdependencies that characterize our world.

The University of Denver strongly invests in study abroad because we believe that as many students as possible should have the opportunity to discover how education really comes to life in an international context.

Cherrington Global Scholars

To foster an internationalized campus culture, DU has developed a unique initiative that affords specific financial benefits to qualifying undergraduate students in order to encourage academic studies internationally. Cherrington Global Scholars receive benefits that help off-set additional costs associate with studying abroad.  Students who do not qualify to be a Cherrington Global Scholar, but still want to study abroad, may be eligible for DU's partner programs or unaffiliated programs.  All DU students planning to study abroad have a wide choice of universities and programs to choose from.

The Academic Value of Study Abroad

The Office of International Education works hard to provide high-quality international programming and opportunities that will:

    • Introduce you to exciting new ways of seeing and knowing.
    • Allow you to pursue special academic interests in a fresh context, including service learning or an internship.
    • Help you develop a new international perspective on your major.
    • Give you the opportunity to explore in-depth aspects of the history, society, and culture of the host country.
    • Permit you to take electives unavailable at DU.
    • Start you on the road to a new minor.
    • Let you fulfill some of your general degree requirements.

Why Should Students Study Abroad?