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Has your study abroad experience left you eager for another international experience? There are several ways for you to go abroad again.

More opportunities to study internationally as a DU Student:

  • DU International Service Learning (ISL) offers credit-bearing summer and interterm programs that integrate classroom academics with international service. For more information, see here.
  • The Office of Special Programs offers a handful of interterm courses that involve a travel component. For their current list of offerings, see here.
  • Several departments have their own programs that take place during the interterms. Contact your major advisor to see if there are any such programs in their department. 
    • International business courses: contact Leslie Carter at

Graduate Studies Abroad:

Considering graduate studies? Have you ever thought about getting an entire graduate degree abroad? Several universities around the world welcome international students for graduate degrees. Many of them do not require a placement exam like the GRE or GMAT and offer one-year masters degree programs. Best of all, many of these universities have more reasonable tuition fees than you will find in the US, yet with a comparable quality of education. It is also possible to apply US Federal Financial Aid towards your studies at recognized institutions. Certain countries, like the United Kingdom, will give you a 1- or 2-year work visa upon completion of an advanced degree in their country. To learn more, visit the following websites:

For International Careers Abroad:

Short-Term Work and Volunteerism Abroad*:

*Although the University of Denver has listed these websites here, their presence on our website is not an official endorsement or recommendation of these institutions. These are here only for ideas.

Printed material on work abroad is also available in the Study Abroad Library, including:

  • Work Your Way Around the World by Susan Griffin
  • The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas by Jean-Marc Hachey
  • Overseas Summer Jobs by David Woodworth
  • Teaching English Abroad by Susan Griffin
  • International Directory of Volunteer Work by Louise Whetter and Victoria Pybus
  • Many brochures from agencies that coordinate international internships and work