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Students apply to DU study abroadCongratulations on completing your research of all of your study abroad options!

You may only complete one study abroad application per term; however, you will be asked to rank your program selections in order of preference in your DU essays. 

There are two parts to a study abroad application: the DU nomination requirements and the program-specific application.  You will submit the DU nomination requirements by January 30, 2014 (for all terms of the 2014-2015 Academic Year). As many DU Partner Programs are competitive, depending on your program selection, you may need to select alternate program choices, as part of the nomination process. You will hear back about your nomination to a DU Partner Program sometime mid to late February. Once you have been nominated for a program, your OIE advisor will email you instructions and the deadline for completing the program-specific application. You may not apply directly to a DU Partner Program before receiving your nomination to do so from DU.

If you are applying to an unaffiliated program, you must submit the DU Study Abroad Application and all course approvals to the OIE by the March 14th, 2014 unaffiliated study abroad application deadline. You will also apply directly to your program and do not need to submit that application to us.

For complete details on applying to DU Partner Programs and Unaffiliated Programs, please click on the tabs to the left.

If you are applying to a DU International Service Learning Program that runs during the summer quarter or winter interterm, the application process is a bit different. Please visit the International Service Learning webpage for more details and links to program information and application instructions and deadlines.

If you submit an incomplete application, it will not be reviewed until it is complete. We ask that all nomination/application materials are submitted clipped together and at the same time, rather than piece-by-piece. All deadlines must be adhered to, and extensions are not granted.

For complete details on applying to DU Partner Programs and Unaffiliated programs, please click on the tabs to the left.