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Apply > Applying to a DU Partner Program

The directions below outline the DU Nomination Requirements which are due January 30th for all 2014-2015 programs.

As a number of programs are competitive, students who are requesting nomination to a specialized, language or exchange program must select alternate program choices, at least one of which must be a foundational or language program with a "good" or "very good" chance of placement (this information can be found on  DU Partner Program summaries). If you do not select alternate programs and you are not nominated for your first and only choice, you may not be able to participate in a DU partner program for the 2014-15 academic year.

Applicants to exchange programs must plan to study abroad for an academic year. Applicants to foundational specialized, or language programs may only apply for one term, though in some cases students may be permitted to extend to an academic year after the program has begun.

Students should not complete their program specific applications until after receiving a nomination from DU. Your OIE advisor will email you your nomination and instructions and the deadline for completing the program-specific application sometime in mid to late February.

DU Nomination Requirements

  1. Log on to myWeb
    • Select the Student & Financial Aid tab
    • Click on Study Abroad
    • Click on Study Abroad Application
  2. Select Apply to a DU program
    • If you are eligible, apply as a Cherrington Global Scholar; you may review the Cherrington eligibility requirements.
    • You need to fill out the myWeb application for your first choice only.
  3. Select the term, duration, country, and (your first choice) program for which you are seeking nomination. You will identify your alternate program choices in your essays.  If you aren’t sure which program to select, contact your OIE Advisor.
  4. The next screens show electronic forms that contain information about study abroad policies, risks and responsibilities, and release information.  Read this information and check that you agree with the terms and conditions of each.  If you would like to print copies for yourself, they are available on our Forms page under "Application Forms for Reference."
  5. After you click the submit button, review the list of next steps.  Be sure to provide an e-mail address for your emergency contact.  Click where indicated in step three to print your DU study abroad application form. 
  6. Take your DU study abroad application form to your major advisor for his or her signature (if you do not know who your major advisor is, visit the Center for Academic Advising website for more information).
  7. Complete the short-answer essays.
  8. Music students only: complete the music course approval form.
  9. A student wishing to participate on a DU Partner Program for a year and has justifiable reasons for applying for the year prior to departure may petition for an early yearlong extension.
  10. If you are applying to a DU Partner Program that offers a significant community engagement-experiential learning component but you do not meet DU's minimum GPA requirement for the program, submit the Experiential Learning GPA Petition.
  11. Submit your complete application to the Office of International Education (OIE) before the deadline.
  12. If you have not yet applied for a passport, do so immediately!