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Study abroad for credit: DU* and unaffiliated programs

*If you are participating in a DU program through your department or the Office of Special Community Programs, please contact your program sponsor for application instructions rather than following the checklist below.  We encourage you to begin the process by speaking with your academic advisor/department to determine the types of courses and number of credits that can be transferred back to your degree program.  Once you have this information, you can begin to research program options.

  1. Submit the Unaffiliated Pre-Approval Form to the Office of International Education (OIE)
    • Wait until you receive approval from the OIE before continuing to the next step.
  2. Log on to myWeb
    • Select the Student & Financial Aid tab
    • Click on Study Abroad
    • Click on Study Abroad Application
  3. Select Apply to an unaffiliated program
  4. Select the term, duration, country, and program for which you are applying.  If you don't see your study abroad program listed, select the generic non-DU program option and continue.
  5. The next streens show electronic forms that contain information about study abroad policies, risks and responsibilities, and release information.  Read this information and check that you agree with the terms and conditions of each.  If you would like to print copies for yourself, they are available on our Forms page under "Application Forms for Reference."
  6. After you choose the submit button, review the list of next steps.  Be sure to provide an email address for your emergency contact.  Click where indicated in step three to print your DU study abroad application form.  If you have selected a generic non-DU program as your program, hand write the program/host university name on your application form. 
  7. Take your DU study abroad application form to your advisor for his/her signature.
  8. Complete the graduate course approval form with your advisor/department.  The form can he found here.  (Graduate applicants are not required to submit essays.)
  9. Submit your signed DU study abroad application and graduate course approval form to the OIE
  10. You will also apply directly to your host program/institution.  Once you are accepted to the program, please inform the OIE.
  11. Register your travel plans on the myWeb International Travel Menu.
  12. If you have not yet applied for a passport, do so immediately!

The OIE will register you in a study abroad placeholder course for the term you are abroad.  The number of credit hours for this placeholder course will be based on the graduate-level credits that are approved for transfer.  The actual number of credits you receive will be based both on your official transcript from study abroad and the credits/courses approved by your DU department.

Graduate students must be registered for at least half-time enrollment to be eligible for financial aid awards. You will be registered at DU based on the credits that are approved. In turn, financial aid awards will be based on the registration credit. You will not receive financial aid for a non-credit program or language study abroad. You are encouraged to speak directly with the Financial Aid Office for details on your specific aid package.

Required International Experience, no credit earned