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Apply > Applying to an Unaffiliated Program (including summer programs)

The purpose of this application is to gain approval from DU to study abroad on an unaffiliated program.

In addition to submitting the following items to the DU Office of International Education (OIE), you must also apply for admission to your chosen study abroad program directly.

All materials must be received by the deadline (March 14th, 2014 for fall 2014 programs). Late applications will not be considered.

  1. Submit the Unaffiliated Pre-Approval Form to the OIE.
    • Wait until you receive approval from the OIE before continuing to the next step.
  2. Log on to myWeb
    • Select the Student & Financial Aid tab
    • Click on Study Abroad
    • Click on Study Abroad Application
  3. Select Apply to an unaffiliated program
  4. Select the term, duration, country, and program for which you are applying. If you don't see your study abroad program listed, select the generic non-DU program option and continue.
  5. The next screens show electronic forms that contain information about study abroad policies, risks and responsibilities, and release information.  Read this information and check that you agree with the terms and conditions of each.  If you would like to print copies for yourself, they are available on our Forms page under "Application Forms for Reference."
  6. After you choose the submit button, review the list of next steps.  Be sure to provide an email address for your emergency contact.  Click where indicated in step three to print your DU study abroad application form.  Note: If you have selected a generic non-DU program as your program, hand write the program/host university name on your application form.
  7. Take your DU study abroad application form to your major advisor for his or her signature (if you do not know who your major advisor is, please visit the Center for Academic Advising website for more information).
  8. Complete the short-answer essays and course approval form or music course approval form.
  9. Submit your complete application to the OIE before the deadline
  10. You will also apply directly to your host program/institution.  Once you are accepted to the program, please inform the OIE.
  11. If you have not yet applied for a passport, do so immediately!
    • The passport can take several weeks to process, and you must have a passport before you can apply for a student visa. A visa isn’t required for all countries, but some have lengthy application processes. Ask your study abroad program!

*Please note that all students studying abroad on unaffiliated programs during fall 2014 are required to enroll in and complete INTZ 2501: "Preparing for Study Abroad" during the spring 2014 quarter and INTZ 2502: "Living Study Abroad", an online course to be taken while abroad in the fall.  You will be required to pay for the one credit of DU tuition associated with INTZ 2502 while abroad. Please contact the OIE for additional details.