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Students who study abroad as Cherrington Global Scholars will be billed for the following by DU:

  • DU Tuition
  • DU Study Abroad Housing*
  • DU Study Abroad Meals*
  • DU Technology Fee

*These charges will only be placed on a student's DU account if the program includes these items. Please keep in mind that students who pay for their own housing or meals need to estimate the cost in advance. The study abroad programs themselves and DU alumni from the same program are great resources for getting these figures. Cost of living varies by city and country, so housing and meals may cost significantly more abroad than they do in Denver.

Students will be billed according to the DU billing cycle; therefore, fall quarter invoices will be sent to the student's billing address in early August. Please note that some study abroad programs will have begun before DU issues its invoices.

Tuition for One Term: For a single quarter- or semester-length program abroad, students normally will pay the University of Denver one academic quarter of full-time tuition and the DU technology fee.  If a student's term abroad on a DU partner program crosses over two quarters at DU (fall and winter, or winter and spring), the student will be charged tuition and the DU technology fee for the initial quarter and only the DU technology fee for the second quarter.

Tuition for Two or More Terms: Students studying in two-term DU partner programs, with terms approximately equivalent to quarters, will be charged tuition and the University Technology Fee for both quarters. A student in a DU program or succession of DU programs for a full academic year (including an academic year as defined by a host institution that uses a wholly different calendar, as in the southern hemisphere and in Japan and Korea) will pay tuition and the DU technology fee for three quarters.

CGS eligibility:Since eligibility to be a Cherrington Global Scholar is for one program only, a Cherrington Global Scholar with permission to study in more than one DU Partner Program will receive CGS benefits only for the first term in which they are eligible.

Note: Limits on quarter and on semester credits apply—please see Maximum Credits per Term in the Policies section of the website regarding the amount of credit that may be applied without incurring the hourly tuition rate for hours above the limits.

All students are responsible for their personal expenses incurred both in the U.S. and abroad. Personal expenses include, but are not limited to, items such as discretionary travel; airline excess baggage charges, including those related to the transport of musical instruments; local transportation; books; optional excursions; laboratory, studio, or materials fees; field study or mandatory excursion fees resulting from the student's course selection; personal and household items; cultural and entertainment expenses; optional fees such as recreation or health club memberships; telephone and internet access, if not included in a housing agreement; usage or calling charges (either local or long distance), even when instrument or access is provided with housing; any expense for refundable damage deposits or other personal responsibility deposits; damage costs; fines or penalties; housing and meals, if not provided within the program; and medical out-of-pocket expenses or other medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Note: Please remember that even covered medical expenses may have to be paid at the point of service and claimed through the student's medical insurance provider.