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Costs > DU Partner Programs

If you participate for a single quarter or semester DU partner program, your DU student bill will include:

(For current DU fees, please see the Bursar's website.)

  • DU tuition
  • DU housing*
  • DU meals*
  • DU technology fee (charged per quarter if semester crosses over two DU quarters)
  • Study Abroad Application fee**
  • DU Partner Program Supplement (if applicable)**

* If a DU Partner Program does not include meals, you will not be charged for DU meals. In the case a program does not include housing, you will not be charged for DU housing.

** If a student qualifies to be a Cherrington Global Scholar, the application and supplement for cost differential are covered as part of the student's CGS benefits.

Generally, all DU institutional aid, along with federal or state financial aid other than work-study, will apply to the cost of a DU partner program.

Students will be billed according to the DU billing cycle; therefore, fall quarter invoices will be sent to the student’s billing address in early August. Please note that some study abroad programs will have begun before DU issues its invoices.

Students who study abroad for a full academic year will be charged for a full academic year at DU (three quarters).

For complete information, please view the Study Abroad Policies.