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Click on a country name below to see all of the DU partner programs for that country. Choose from the options below for lists of programs by category. We are in the process of updating these materials for the 2013-2014 academic year. Check back shortly for our updated program list.

Programs by Country

CityProgram NameLanguage
Buenos Aires IFSA-Butler: Argentine Universities Program Host
Buenos Aires ISA: University of Belgrano English/Host
Mendoza IFSA-Butler: Mendoza Universities Program Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Adelaide University of Adelaide English
Brisbane University of Queensland English
Hobart University of Tasmania English
Melbourne Monash University English
Newcastle University of Newcastle English
Perth University of Western Australia English
Sydney University of New South Wales English
Wollongong University of Wollongong English
Yungaburra  SFS Australia: Tropical Rainforest Studies English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Brussels Vesalius College English/Host
Leuven Euroscholars English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Cochabamba SIT Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization, and Social Change English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Montreal University of Montreal- Direct Host
Montreal University of Montreal, Exchange Host
Ottawa University of Ottawa English/Host
Costa Rica
CityProgram NameLanguage
Heredia IFSA-Butler: Universidad Nacional Host
La Presa SFS Costa Rica: Sustainable Development Studies English/Host
San Jose Veritas University English/Host
Czech Republic
CityProgram NameLanguage
Brno Mazaryk University English/Host
Prague Charles University English/Host
Prague University of Economics English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Copenhagen DIS Copenhagen English/Host
Dominican Republic
CityProgram NameLanguage
Santiago CIEE: Santiago Liberal Arts Host
Santiago CIEE: Santiago Service Learning Host
Santo Domingo CIEE: Santo Domingo Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Quito MSID: Ecuador Host
Quito SIT Ecuador: Comparative Ecology and Conservation Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Helsinki EuroScholars English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Berlin FU-BEST Berlin English/Host
Heidelberg Heidelberg University Host
Tübingen Universität Tübingen Host
Various EuroScholars English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Legon University of Ghana English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Athens The Arcadia Center for Hellenic, Mediterranean and Balkan Studies English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Budapest CIEE: Corvinus University English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Bangalore MSID: International Development in India English/Host
Varanasi Alliance for Global Education: The City, the River, the Sacred English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Ballyvaughn Burren College of Art English
Cork University College Cork English
Dublin University College Dublin English
Maynooth National University of Ireland Maynooth English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Beer-Sheva Ben-Gurion University - Language English/Host
Beer-Sheva Ben-Gurion University - Specialized English/Host
Haifa University of Haifa - Specialized English/Host
Haifa University of Haifa - Language English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Bologna University of Bologna- Exchange English/Host
Florence SACI English/Host
Milan IES Milan English/Host
Milan Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore English/Host
Milan EuroScholars English/Host
Perugia Arcadia U: Umbra Institute English/Host
Perugia Univerista per Stranieri Host
Perugia Universita degli Studi di Perugia Host
Rome Arcadia University Center for Italian Studies English/Host
Rome John Cabot University Rome English/Host
Sicily Mediterranean Center for Arts and Sciences English/Host
Siena IPSL: Siena Italian Studies English/Host
Torino USAC Torino English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Akita City Akita International University English/Host
Osaka CET Intensive Japanese Language Host
Tokyo Waseda University- Exchange English/Host
Nagoya IES Nanzan University English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Seoul Yonsei University English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Antananarivo SIT Madagascar: Urbanization and Rural Development English/Host
Fort Dauphin SIT Madagascar: Biodiversity and Resource Management English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Maritime SEA Semester (research sailing vessel) English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Merida IFSA, Butler: Autonomous Univ of Yucatan Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Ulaanbaatar SIT Mongolia: Geopolitics and the Environment English/Host
The Netherlands
CityProgram NameLanguage
Amsterdam University van Amsterdam English/Host
Leiden Leiden University English/Host
Maastricht University of Maastricht English/Host
Various EuroScholars English/Host
New Zealand
CityProgram NameLanguage
Auckland University of Auckland English
Dunedin University of Otago English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Bocas del Toro SFS Panama: Tropical Island Biodiversity & Conservation Studies English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Lima IFSA, Butler: Pontifical Catholic University Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Lisbon Universidade Catolica Portuguesa English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Irkutsk Irkutsk State Linguistic University (SRAS) English/Host
Saint Petersburg Saint Petersburg State University (SRAS) English/Host
Vladivostok Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service (SRAS) English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Kigali SIT Rwanda: Post-Genocide Restoration and Peacebuilding English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Dakar MSID: International Development in Senegal English/Host
Dakar SIT Sengal: National Identity and the Arts English/Host
South Africa
CityProgram NameLanguage
Cape Town University of Cape Town English/Host
Durban University of Kwazulu-Natal, Howard Campus English/Host
Port Elizabeth Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University English/Host
Stellenbosch Stellenbosch University English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Lund Lund University English/Host
Stockholm Stockholm University - Exchange English/Host
Various EuroScholars English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Various EuroScholars English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Bangkok Mahidol University English/Host
Chiang Mai Int'l Sustainable Development Studies Institute English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Tunis SIT Tunisia: Emerging Identities in North Africa English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Istanbul CIEE: Koç University English/Host
Turks & Caicos Islands
CityProgram NameLanguage
Cockburn Harbour SFS Turks & Caicos: Marine Resource Management Studies English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Gulu SIT Uganda: Post-Conflict Transformation English/Host
Kampala SIT Uganda: Development Studies English/Host
United Arab Emirates
CityProgram NameLanguage
Sharjah American University of Sharjah English/Host
United Kingdom
CityProgram NameLanguage
Bangor, Wales Bangor University English
Belfast, Northern Ireland Queen's University English
Edinburgh, Scotland University of Edinburgh English
Exeter, England Exeter University English
Glasgow, Scotland The Glasgow School of Art English
Glasgow, Scotland University of Glasgow English
Lancaster, England Lancaster University English
London, England City University London English
London, England Goldsmiths, University of London English
London, England Queen Mary, University of London English
London, England Westminster University English
York, England University of York English
York, England University of York - Exchange English
CityProgram NameLanguage
Kiev NovaMova (SRAS) English/Host
CityProgram NameLanguage
Ho Chi Minh City CET Vietnamese Studies & Service Learning English/Host