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Getting Started

Students from DU enjoying the culture abroad

"I want to study abroad... Where do I start?"

We recommend that students start attending study abroad information sessions and researching programs no later than early fall quarter the year before they want to go abroad, if not before. So get started now!

  • Attend a "Study Abroad 101" general information session. They're held every weekday during the academic term at the International House.
  • Do a Study Abroad Self-Assessment. It will help you think about your goals for your study abroad experience.
  • Check out the Study Abroad Resource Library. After your info session, stick around in the resource library and grab some DU Program Summaries or brochures to take with you. By learning a bit about what types of programs are available, you'll start to learn what your preferences are.
  • Review the "Study Abroad: Getting Started Guide" on Blackboard. You will be enrolled in the course after attending 101.
  • Start researching programs!  Check out our list of Things to Consider when choosing a program. DU Program Summaries are just the beginning! Visit program websites and explore other resources to find out as much as you can about the various programs out there.
  • After attending the Study Abroad 101 session, attend other study abroad information sessions and events, such as the Spanish Speaking and English-Speaking Regional sessions. These sessions are required if you are considering study abroad in a Spanish speaking country or wish to attend a university in an English speaking country.
  • Talk to an OIE Advisor. Once you have attended the required sessions and begun your research, come to our OIE advisor walk-in hours. We can help you further explore your options!
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to talk about what type of studies you plan to do abroad,  when you plan to go, and how the experience will fit into your academic plan here at DU.
  • Schedule an  OIE advising appointment. By doing the above items first, you will have the information you need to have a really personalized and helpful meeting with an OIE advisor. They can help you to understand the programs that might interest you, as well as tell you what types of things you'll need to do to apply for a program and prepare for your time abroad. Call 303-871-4912 to schedule an appointment.
  • Do further research on programs that interest you. By now you'll have a good idea of what you're looking for, but further research on the details of programs will ensure that you find the program options that best fit your needs! Please visit the Programs section of this website for further information on researching programs.