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Q: How do I pick a program?

A: Picking a program is a highly individual process, and should be based on your academic and personal goals for study abroad. It may seem like a daunting task, but after talking to peer advisors at Study Abroad 101 and spending some time on the Programs section of this website, you'll know enough to develop your preferences regarding what you're looking for in your study abroad experience. Then you can go about further researching programs of interest.

Q: Do I have to go abroad in the fall?

A: Absolutely not. Many DU students study abroad in the fall because it works well with the quarter system, and many of their friends may be going at the same time. However, students can go abroad at any time of the year they choose, including summer.

Q: Can I apply to more than one program at a time?

A: No. However, you will be asked to choose several programs in your application, listed in order of preference.

Q: How do I make sure I get credit for my courses abroad?

A: Since this is study abroad, it is important to make sure you are taking coursework that will assist you in your academic plan. When you are researching program options, make sure to look at course offerings before deciding on a program. Later you will turn in a course approval sheet that has been signed by faculty advisors approving classes for credit. Some classes, such as AHUM, SOCS, and NATS, can be submitted online and your approvals will be emailed to you and the Office of International Education (OIE). You can find more information on the Areas of Study and Credit Transfer section of this website. For unaffiliated program options, you must get all courses approved at the time of application. 

Q: Will my financial aid apply to study abroad?

A: In general, all financial aid—including residence hall grants—will apply to DU Partner Programs just as it would for any other quarter at DU. It's always a good idea, however, to double check on your individual loans, financial aid packages, and scholarships. If you choose an unaffiliated program, you can take your state and federal aid, but not any DU aid.

Q:What are my housing options?

A: Each program's housing is listed on the DU Program Summary flyer. Housing situations vary by program, and many programs offer more than one option. The possibilities include dormitories, host families, and apartments. Who your roommates and neighbors will be also varies; you may be housed with other DU students, other Americans, other international students, or with locals. Note: You can't arrange for your own housing if the program provides housing.

Q: Who will my international education (OIE) advisor be?

A: Each OIE advisor has one or more regions of the world and/ or program type which they advise for. Therefore, it depends on which program you settle on as to who your OIE advisor will be. You are more than welcome to talk to more than one OIE advisor, especially early on in your decision making process before you have settled on one program. We encourage you to first come to OIE walk-in advising hours if you are still largely undecided on where you would like to study abroad. Once you have a better idea, you can then call the OIE to schedule an advising appointment with a particular advisor. The front desk can let you know who the appropriate advisor to meet with would be based on your program choice. 

Q: How and when do I apply for study abroad?

A: Check out the Apply and Forms and Deadlines sections of this website.

Q: Is there a separate application for Cherrington Global Scholars? How do I qualify?

A: There is no application for Cherrington Global Scholars — you either qualify or you don't. However, you do need to meet the eligibility requirements that are listed here.

Q: Am I guaranteed acceptance to a program? How many people get into a program?

A: No one is guaranteed acceptance to any program. Your acceptance is based on your suitability with the program's requirements and academic focus, and based on the number of spaces allotted for DU students on the particular program. The DU nomination process requires that you list several program choices, listed in order of your preference. You will then be nominated by DU to apply to one of your program selections.