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Graduate students may choose to participate in a variety of DU and non-DU study abroad programs. Each department has its own policies regarding the transfer of study abroad credit, so the first step in your exploration of international opportunities should be to speak with your academic advisor regarding your program’s policies and the number/type of study abroad credits you may earn towards your degree.

You will notice that most study abroad programs are aimed at undergraduate students, and do not offer graduate-level credit. Since graduate-level study is far more specialized, graduate students often have to do a great deal of independent research to identify programs that are a fit for their individual academic needs. Graduate students do have many opportunities for direct enrollment in universities abroad, particularly those students considering a quarter or semester of study.

There are three main categories of international experiences available to graduate students.

  1. Study Abroad for Academic Credit

    Students will take courses abroad that have been approved for transfer into their degree. This category includes summer/interterm programs and quarter/semester programs. These programs may be sponsored by the University of Denver, other U.S. universities or organizations, or involve direct enrollment in a university abroad. If you are planning to participate in a study abroad program for credit, you will need to work with the DU Office of International Education and your academic unit. If you participate in a program sponsored by the Office of Special Programs or a DU department, they will coordinate with our office. Please see Programs and Apply for more information.
  2. Required International Experience, No Credit Earned

    This category includes internships, thesis or dissertation research, and language study to fulfill language proficiency requirements. No financial aid is available for this type of program because you will not receive academic credit. You will not be registered at the University of Denver, but if these experiences fulfill requirements of your degree program you will be covered by the University of Denver’s International SOS policy. International experiences for which you are receiving DU funding (i.e. Internationalization grants or departmental funding) may also be eligible for International SOS coverage. Please see Apply for more information.
  3. Optional International Experience, No Credit Earned

    This category includes independent travel, volunteer programs, work abroad, or language study not required by your program. If you are planning on this option, you are not required to complete any paperwork or register with the Office of International Education. You are traveling abroad on your own accord and taking on the risks and responsibilities accordingly. DU takes on no responsibility for this type of travel.

For more information, please call the Office of International Education (OIE) at (303) 871-4912 and make an appointment with a study abroad advisor.