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The University of Denver has contracted with International SOS to provide 24 hour worldwide emergency medical and evacuation assistance to faculty, staff, and students traveling on University related activities. If you are planning any University travel, we encourage you to take advantage of this program. It is not necessary to enroll in order to activate the program services, but we strongly encourage all international travelers to create an Emergency Contact Record via the International SOS webpage.

International SOS is NOT a form of medical insurance coverage, but they will coordinate with care providers abroad and your insurance back in the United States to help you find the right providers and make sure you have proper proof of payment. This means that International SOS is like a concierge service that will help you get all the information and care you need to stay safe and healthy while abroad.

International SOS is the world's largest medical and security assistance company, with more than 3,000 professionals in 24-hour Alarm Centers, international clinics and remote-site medical facilities across five continents. Please note International SOS is NOT health insurance, it is a travel assistance program. Travelers should maintain their own personal health insurance and determine how their health insurance program applies to medical care prior to traveling. The following are highlights of the plan.

Before you leave, call ISOS to prepare for:

  • Vaccinations
  • Required medications
  • Travel security concerns

While abroad, call ISOS when you:

  • Need health, safety or security advice
  • Need to speak with an experienced, Western-trained doctor or security specialist
  • Need a local doctor or other provider credentialed by our medical staff
  • Require supplies of medication or equipment
  • Need assistance due to the loss of travel documents or legal advice

In an emergency, call ISOS immediately to:

  • Arrange medical transportation or care
  • Coordinate medical fees, when approved
  • Monitor your condition and provide advice
  • Evacuate you to a center of medical excellence if local care is inadequate
  • Provide help if your safety is at risk
  • Contact your family

*All costs associated with medical care and health insurance are the responsibility of the traveler.