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International Service-Learning

Students from DU in IndiaWhether through a semester study abroad or a short-term program, International Service Learning (ISL) provides a culturally immersive study abroad experience that combines academic study with service work and experiential learning. While working alongside community members to help meet community-identified needs, you have the opportunity to explore social justice issues and connect classroom knowledge to real world applications within the context of a host community.

Regardless of the ISL program you choose, the experience will deepen your sense of intercultural understanding, providing you with valuable international experience, widening your perspective on societal and global issues, and challenging you to reflect on your role as a global citizen.

Short-term ISL opportunities are available to both graduate and undergraduate students of all majors during summer quarter and winter interterm. ISL Programs for the 2013-2014 academic year include: ISL Bosnia and Herzegovina: Moving Forward, which runs in the summer with coursework beginning spring quarter and  ISL Dharamsala:Tibet and the Power of Nonviolence  and  ISL South Africa: A Study in Transitional Justice, both running during winter interterm with coursework starting in the fall. ISL Nicaragua: Development Dilemmas will be back for winter interterm 2014.

We will be accepting applications for ISL Bosnia and Herzegovina winter quarter! Check out the portfolio page for more details.

For program information or to apply for a short-term ISL program, please visit the ISL Portfolio Page.

DU Partner Programs that incorporate service and experiential learning into quarter, semester and year long study abroad experiences are a great way to gain valuable field experience while more fully immersing in the country where you choose to study. For more information on internships, field study, service and community based learning opportunities within DU Partner Programs click here or call to schedule an appointment with the Int'l Experiential Learning Program Manager (303-871-4912). You may also ask any OIE advisor about available options.

If you have questions about individual programs or ISL in general or if you would like to be added to our ISL interest list to receive ISL updates and emails, please write us at .

Intercultural Global Studies Minor

The Intercultural Global Studies (IGS) minor combines interdisciplinary coursework with intercultural domestic and international engagement experiences. Intercultural Global Studies is a great complement to any DU major, as well as an excellent opportunity to deepen and further your study abroad experience. 

For more information on pursuing an IGS minor visit:
For a list of DU Partner Programs with IGS community engagement opportunities, click here.