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Programs > Quarter length or longer

Students from DU enjoying the culture abroadWhy study abroad for a quarter or more when you could just go for a short summer program? There are many reasons!

Studying abroad for a quarter length (10 weeks) or longer has many benefits. The longer a program is, the more time it affords you to adjust to your new surroundings, learn the language, create meaningful friendships with locals of the host country, and ultimately make your host city abroad feel like home. Research has shown that regardless of the duration of the program, students generally seem to benefit from study abroad; yet the longer a program is, the longer lasting these benefits become to the student in terms of their own personal growth. For all these reasons and more, the DU Office of International Education (OIE) supports year-long study abroad whenever possible.

The overwhelming majority of programs facilitated through the OIE are quarter-length or longer, and most undergraduates go abroad during the fall quarter of their junior year. See the DU Partner Programs link for Cherrington-eligible programs and the unaffiliated programs link for details on how to study abroad through an unaffiliated program.