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While the Office of International Education (OIE) offers more than 150 DU Partner Programs, it is sometimes appropriate for a student to participate in an unaffiliated program if its location, enrollment capacity, minimum prerequisites, or academic offerings cannot be reasonably matched by a DU Partner Program. In other words, the unaffiliated program selected by a student may not duplicate a study abroad program already offered by DU.

Click here for a brief side-by-side explanation of unaffiliated programs and DU Partner Programs.

Students selecting an unaffiliated program option must still work through the OIE and complete the DU unaffiliated program process before the deadline (see Forms & Deadlines). Applications submitted after the deadline may not be considered.

Unaffiliated programs must be preapproved by DU in order for the credit to transfer. Transcripts must be issued by an accredited institution in order for credits to be accepted by DU. Unaffiliated programs may be sponsored by another U.S. university, a study abroad program provider, or direct enrollment in a university abroad. Credits from language schools are not accepted. For this reason, students planning to participate on an unaffiliated program must first complete an Unaffiliated Pre-approval form to make sure that DU will accept credit from the program.

Once they have completed the preapproval process, students must then complete the DU Study Abroad application (link apply page) and submit all course approvals.

Students may not enroll in the University of Denver's "Stop-Out Program" in order to study abroad. All students participating on DU Partner Program or an unaffiliated credit-bearing study abroad programs will work with the Office of International Education (OIE). Credit earned abroad while on "Stop-Out" will not transfer to DU.

If you participate in an unaffiliated program, you will pay all fees directly to the program sponsor/university. You will be registered at DU in a zero-credit study abroad placeholder course, and will pay a $150 Study Abroad Administrative fee (2011-12 undergraduate cost) plus the DU Technology Fee.

All students studying abroad on unaffiliated programs during fall 2014 are required to enroll in and complete INTZ 2501: "Preparing for Study Abroad," offered during the spring 2014 quarter, and INTZ 2502: "Living Study Abroad", an online course to be taken while abroad in the fall.  You will be required to pay for the one credit of DU tuition associated with INTZ 2502 while abroad. Please contact the OIE for additional details.


Researching International Options

In addition to the resource materials in our Advising Center, you may wish to utilize the following web resources to identify unaffiliated opportunities.