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Pre-Departure Resources

Now that you have applied to study abroad, you can begin your pre-departure preparations, which includes post-acceptance requirements from DU and likely other items from your study abroad program.

We have prepared a pre-departure checklist for you, which includes many of the things that you will need to do before leaving campus.

Fall 2014 Pre-departure Emails

The Office of International Education at DU has some (but not all) of the information that you will need to get ready (of course, other detailed information will be coming directly from your program). We will send you information via email as it becomes available throughout spring quarter. You can easily recognize these emails by the "DUSA" label and topic in the subject line. Each email will require action from you; so it is your responsibility to read each one upon receipt, pay attention to deadlines, and take action!

For your convenience and reference, we will post the text from the DUSA Pre-departure emails in the pdf files below:

DUSA Pre-departure Emails: