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Returnees / Alumni

Welcome back to the U.S., the University of Denver, and a new realization of all that you have gained from your study abroad experience. We hope that your time abroad has enriched your life and challenged the way you see yourself in the context of the cultures that surround you every day.

On this section of our website page, we provide a checklist to help ensure that the credits from your study abroad program transfer smoothly, as well as some resources for making the adjustment to life back in the U.S. a little bit easier.

Upcoming Events

  • Global Gala (January 2015)

Checklist for Study Abroad Returnees

As a returned study abroad student, there are a few tasks for you to attend to:

  • Complete the online post-study abroad survey. We look forward to your feedback on your study abroad program and value your opinion. This is your chance to give it!
  • If you still need course approvals, get required signatures on the Study Abroad Credit Approvals form or by email and turn in to the OIE.
  • If you participated on an unaffiliated program, confirm that your official study abroad transcripts will be sent to the OIE.

Frequently Asked Questions about Credit Transfer and Course Approvals

See here.

Reverse Culture Shock

You may find that readjusting to life in the U.S. is more difficult than the adjustment you made to a new culture several months ago. If so, there are a number of resources that may be helpful as you make the adjustment to being back at "home." Here are a few:

One of the best ways to work through reverse culture shock is to incorporate what you've learned abroad into your everyday life in Denver and live out your commitment to global citizenship. See the Get Involved page for some ideas of opportunities to be active in the international community on-campus and in the Denver area.