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Student Experiences

After exploring one of 100+ sites across six continents, our students have quite a story to tell you. Here are their experiences. To learn more, watch some digital stories, visit the DU Abroad Blog, join us on Facebook or view our image gallery.

DU Pioneers Abroad

Hear the stories and experiences from DU study abroad returnees below:

Study Abroad: You only live once

DU students talk about why study abroad is a once in a life time opportunity.

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Meeting Locals

DU students talk about their experience meeting locals in their host country.

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Language Barriers

DU students discuss challenges of communicating with language differences.

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DU students talk about living with homestays.

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World Food

DU students talk about the variety of cuisine while abroad.

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DU students talk about learning the mannerisms of their host cultures.

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Field Trips

DU students talk about educational side trips while abroad.

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DU students talk about the value of getting involved in extracurricular activities while abroad.

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DU students talk about where they lived while studying abroad.

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