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Meet the Faculty and Staff

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  • Irina Berger
  • Lecturer
  • 1-303-871-3024
  • B.A. Teaching English and Translation, Kainar University, Kazakhstan

  • M.A. Teaching ESL, University of North Texas, USA.

I grew up in the Far East of Russia and Kazakhstan. In addition to teaching English, I have worked quite a few years at international companies overseas specializing in translation and media relations. My most interesting job at that period was working at the United Nations Women’s Fund (UNIFEM). 


I’ve spent the last six years in Dallas – Fort Worth, TX, where I got my Master’s degree and taught adult ESL in a language center and a college. I moved to Colorado not a long time ago fulfilling my two dearest dreams: living in Denver and teaching at one of the best language schools. See you at the ELC!