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Kate Moran

Adjunct Lecturer


B.A., Philosophy, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC

M.A., Applied Linguistics & TESOL, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

Ph.D. candidate, Applied Linguistics & TESOL, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

I began teaching English as a second language as a volunteer with the Literacy Volunteers of Atlanta. During that time I developed a strong relationship with my students and realized that I needed better training in order to be a better teacher for them. During my M.A. studies at Georgia State University I became deeply interested the complex issues involved in teaching and learning English and wanted to find answers to my questions. Now that I am nearly finished with my Ph.D., I realize that I will always be searching for answers, but that the questions come from the classroom. Throughout my graduate studies I taught extensively in the Intensive English Program at Georgia State University. I also taught teacher training courses for undergraduate and Master’s students in the program. During the summers I have taught in China and Thailand. I'm very happy to be at the ELC and in Denver. I love the diversity and enthusiasm of the students and the drive of the faculty to be better teachers!