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Internationalization Summit

Friday, April 11, 7:45 a.m. – Ruffatto Hall, Sturm Hall and Daniels College of Business

The first annual University of Denver Summit on Internationalization is a day-long gathering celebrating internationalization efforts at the university in the context of its 150th anniversary. Taking place primarily in Ruffatto Hall, and comprising over 40 sessions, workshops, poster sessions, research presentations, and roundtables, the Summit promises stimulating and engaging conversation about what internationalization means, has meant, and will mean for a great private university dedicated to the public good. 

The Summit's keynote speaker is Richard Stenelo of Lund University in Sweden, a target strategic partner, who will be presenting LU's strategic internationalization efforts in the context of their upcoming 350th anniversary in 2016.

As a starting point to frame the discussion of what internationalization of higher education means at DU at this point in its 150- year history, the steering committee for the Internationalization Summit has adopted a modified definition by Jane Knight (2004), which reads:

The internationalization of higher education is the process of integrating an international, intercultural and/or global dimension into the goals, functions [teaching/learning, research, services] and delivery of post-secondary education.

There are numerous streams and activities that intersect with international dimensions across the DU campus. The Internationalization Summit is an initial attempt to draw together these components from stakeholders in various disciplines and functions with unique perspectives in order to promote a higher education community that is more actively and purposefully engaged with a globalized world.

Pre-Summit events on Thursday April 10 include brown-bag workshops on topics ranging from contracts and agreements to inter-cultural learning in classes. The day after the Summit DU celebrates its annual Festival of Nations in the Ritchie Center. Come find out what internationalization is and participate in the discussion of what it means to DU for the next 150 years. 

The complete summit schedule is available here: First Annual Internationalization Summit Schedule.

Summit registration has closed due to reaching overcapacity. We will reopen registration or provide on-site day of registration if space becomes available. 

The Internationalization Summit Committee and the Office of Internationalization at the University of Denver invites all DU faculty, staff, students, and invited guests to take part in the First Annual Internationalization Summit.


The Summit Committee is grateful for the support of DU's Sesquicentennial Fund, the Morgridge College of Education, and the Office of Internationalization.

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