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J-1 Employment

J-1 scholars may only engage in activities specified in the financial support section of the DS-2019, or with prior written authorization from International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Many J-1 scholars are employed by the University during their collaboration; financial support from the University must be listed on the DS-2019 in order to authorize employment at DU.

Scholars as Employees of the University

Scholars employed at DU are generally hired into non-tenure track faculty positions, or as post-docs or other positions suitable for their activities. If a scholar obtains employment at DU after arrival in the United States, the DS-2019 must be updated to show the new source of financial support before employment may begin.

Outside Activities

Scholars may participate in lectures or consultations at other institutions, provided the activities do not interfere with the scholar's primary activity at DU and are directly related to the program objective stated on the DS-2019. Written authorization to engage in outside activities for payment or other compensation must be requested prior to participation from ISSS.*

To request approval to participate in an outside activity, please submit the following documentation to Laura Buhs in ISSS:

  • Letter from the prospective employer describing the terms and conditions of the activity, including the duration of employment, number of hours, field or subject, and amount and form of compensation, if any.
  • Letter from the faculty sponsor recommending the activity and explaining how it will benefit the scholar.

* Engaging in employment without prior authorization is a violation of a scholar's J-1 status and could result in the termination of his or her program.

If approved, the scholar will be issued an employment authorization letter. This letter must be presented to the employer in order to compensate the scholar for his or her services. An employment authorization letter must also be presented to DU by a J-1 scholar visiting from another institution in the United States.