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Maintaining J-1 Status

J-1 scholars must abide by the limits of their immigration status set by federal immigration regulations. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in a scholar's loss of valid J-1 status and the termination of the program at DU.

General Requirements

J-1 scholars must meet the following requirements throughout their program in order to maintain valid J-1 status:

  • Report to International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) within ten days of their arrival.
  • Only pursue activities explicitly authorized under their J-1 category.
  • Obtain authorization for all employment.
  • Maintain a valid passport.
  • Maintain a valid DS-2019.
  • Report all changes of address to ISSS within ten days of moving.

Health Insurance Requirement

Federal immigration regulations require J-1 exchange visitors to maintain health and accident insurance for themselves and their dependents throughout their program in the United States. Scholars should obtain coverage in their home country or purchase an insurance plan in the United States.

The required health insurance for a scholar can cost between $60 and $300 per month. Insurance for a spouse may cost $1,600 per year and $600 per year for each child. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) will provide the scholar with information about the health insurance requirement and estimated costs prior to their arrival.

All J-1 Exchange Visitors sponsored by DU must complete the Health Insurance Attestation Form.

Failure to Comply with Program Requirements

Exchange visitors who fail to comply with their program requirements are subject to termination of their J-1 program. Once the program has been terminated, a J-1 scholar is considered out of valid immigration status and must depart the United States immediately. Scholars who are out of status are no longer eligible for a change of status, extension of stay, or other immigration benefits.

A J-1 program may be terminated for the following reasons:

  • Failure to pursue only those activities explicitly authorized under the exchange visitor's J-1 category.
  • Willful failure to meet the mandatory insurance coverage requirement.
  • Engaging in unauthorized employment.
  • Violation of Exchange Visitor Program regulations, or of University of Denver regulations for J-1 scholars.

A termination remains on an exchange visitor's immigration record and may make it more difficult to obtain a U.S. visa or apply for certain immigration benefits in the future.