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Academic Training

Academic Training permits a J-1 student to engage in practical training in the field of study before or after completion of studies. Internships and full-time employment experiences may both be authorized. Academic Training authorizations are issued by International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS), or the program sponsor if different.

Eligibility for Academic Training

In general, you must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for Academic Training:

  • You are in good academic standing and valid J-1 status.
  • The employment is directly related to the academic field of study.

You may apply for academic training anytime during your program of study or up until the end of your 30 day grace period following the completion of studies.

Duration of Authorization

J-1 students may be authorized for Academic Training up to the maximum allowed for their degree level. Authorizations may be given for the maximum duration allowed, or the duration of the J-1 program, whichever is less. The maximum durations listed below include Academic Training authorized both before and after the completion of the program.

Degree Level Duration of Authorization for Pre- and Post-Completion AT
Undergraduate 18 months total for both degree levels, or the duration of the program, whichever is less.
Doctoral 36 months total, or the duration of the program, whichever is less.
Non-degree 24 months total, or the duration of the program, whichever is less.

Application Process

To apply for Academic Training, submit the following documents to ISSS:

If your Academic Training extends beyond your completion of studies date, your DS-2019 will be extended through your employment end date.