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Hosting a Booth/Exhibit

The 2014 Festival of Nations will take place:
Saturday, April 12, 2014 from Noon–4:00 p.m. in the Ritchie Center Concourse.

Plan to Participate in the 2014 Festival of Nations

Interested in sharing your cultural knowledge and experiences through displays, interactive demonstrations, traditional dress, food, and/or cultural items?

Host a booth/exhibit at the 31st annual DU Festival of Nations!

The application to participate in the Festival of Nations will be launched at the beginning of the winter quarter.

The application deadline has been extended to March 10, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.

Who Can Apply to Host a Booth?

DU organizations, individuals, or groups of friends
Non-DU organizations
US Citizens
FoN Booth

Booths can showcase individual countries, regions of the world, ethnicities, cultures (e.g., Greek Life), cultural experiences (e.g., study/ volunteering abroad), skills (e.g., latin dance) and more. Be creative and share a part of your world with others!

Culture is expansive—existing on a global scale—outside of and within in the US. We would like to include as many facets of  culture as possible and this includes US culture, students, and organizations.

Booth Application Process

The Festival of Nations Booth Application will be launched at the beginning of the winter quarter.


Booth Application Extended Deadline: March 10, 2014 at 4:30 p.m.

The Festival of Nations is an event that seeks to celebrate, encourage, and support cultural learning and exchange as well as the respect of differences. Accordingly, booth/exhibit approval preference will
be given to booths that reflect this mission and include interactive displays, demonstrations, or workshops.

For example, a booth may choose to lead a "how-to" demonstration of specific cultural skills or customs or lead a specific interactive activity such as a cultural trivia. Depending on the time required for each demonstration, you may want to develop a demonstration schedule.

e.g.: paper art/origami, teaching traditional dance steps, face painting, mask making, henna art, teaching basic phrases in non-English language, writing names in non-English languages/characters, leading a folk arts/crafts demonstration, reading/telling of cultural/traditional story; playing traditional game with visitors.

Please be sure to review the Booth/Exhibit Policies, Rules, & Requirements carefully before submitting a Booth Application.

The University of Denver is a private University that strives for excellence, innovation, engagement, integrity, and inclusiveness and is dedicated to creating a campus climate with an ethos of respect, understanding, and appreciation of individual and group differences.

The Festival of Nations is an annual University of Denver event that supports the sharing, celebration, and appreciation of diverse cultural backgrounds, customs, and experiences among members of the University of Denver and surrounding Denver community. The event seeks to support internationalization and to foster inclusivity along with a climate of respect and appreciation of differences.

Respect of cultural diversity is required by all Festival of Nations participants and attendees. Individuals who do not support the Festival of Nations and/or the University of Denver's values and mission or fail to exhibit respect of cultural diversity will be restricted, prohibited, or removed from the event.


2014 Booth Fees

DU Students/ Organization: There is no fee.

Non-DU Organizations: $100 deposit (will be refunded if no damage is incurred)

Non-DU For-Profit Vendors: $100 participation fee per booth (non-refundable); maximum of two booths can be requested. A participation fee is not required for non-profit vendors if proof of non-profit status is submitted.


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