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Transfer of J-1 Program to DU

A J-1 scholar who is currently engaged in activities at another university can transfer his/her J-1 program to DU. Transferring a J-1 program requires that the program objectives are similar and that the scholar will remain within the same J-1 category.

Requesting a J-1 Transfer

To request a transfer of a scholar's J-1 program to DU, the department should submit the following documents to Laura Buhs in International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS):

  • J-1 Request Form
  • Health Insurance Attestation Form
  • Scholar's curriculum vitae or resume
  • Photocopy of the biographical page(s) of the scholar's and dependents' passports
  • Photocopies of all DS-2019s issued to the scholar by other institutions
  • Original documentation of the funds to support the visitor, expressed in U.S. dollars, if the sponsor is an organization other than DU. If personal funds are shown, a bank statement including the current account balance must be provided with a currency conversion to U.S. dollars.

A request for a transfer of the scholar's J-1 program should be submitted at least six weeks before the desired transfer date. The Department of State requires institutions to coordinate the date of the transfer so that there is no gap between the programs. An international scholar advisor will work with the other institution to ensure that this requirement is met and that DU receives the scholar's SEVIS record in a timely manner.

Issuance of a New DS-2019

Once DU has access to the scholar's electronic SEVIS record, a new DS-2019 will be issued for his or her program at the University. The scholar must report to ISSS within ten days of the release of his or her SEVIS record to DU. To schedule an appointment, please contact Laura Buhs at or 303-871-4912.