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On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is offered by the Office Housing & Residential Education and is available to all students. The University has a two-year on-campus requirement for first-year and second-year undergraduate students. Housing options vary and are subject to availability. Before you move into on-campus housing, you will be required to sign a lease that obligates you to pay for housing for one academic year. Consider your housing options carefully before signing any lease.

Residence Halls

Residence halls are dormitories in which one or more students live in a room, eat together in the cafeteria, and share a bathroom. You may make a special request for an American roommate. The residence halls are mainly intended for students between the ages of 18 and 21 who are interested in experiencing community in an activity-focused environment. Because of the fire hazard, cooking is generally not allowed in residence hall rooms, although you may have a small refrigerator or microwave.

Most residence halls are closed during the summer and the six-week vacation period between fall and winter quarters from the end of November to the beginning of January. If you intend to enroll during the summer, notify the Housing office and they will try to place you in a facility where you can remain for a full year. You will need to arrange your own housing during periods when the residence halls are closed.

Students can also apply to join one of the DU's Living & Learning Communities (LLCs) which groups students with a common interest on one floor of a residence hall and provides specially-crafted seminar classes and activities to its participants. These distinctive communities are based on different themes such as Creativity & Entrepreneurship, International, and Social Justice.

Centennial Tower Suites

The Centennial Tower Suites offer two bedroom (single or double occupancy) dorm rooms with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The Suites are located on the north side of campus and allow you the convenience of a private bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, with the benefits of dormitory life. One to four people may live in the Suites and you may request specific roommates, but preferences are subject to availability and are subject to priority procedures outlined in the housing contract.

On-Campus Apartments

The University apartments are located in the center of campus and offer housing for single occupants, roommates, and married couples. On-campus apartments are primarily intended for students over 21 and married couples who would like the convenience of living on-campus, but who want more privacy than the residence halls provide. There are two types of on-campus apartments:

Aspen, Mesa, and Hilltop Apartments

These apartments appeal to more traditional students who seek more privacy than the residence halls offer, but who still desire an integrated dormitory experience. Students have the choice of either a one or two bedroom space. The apartments are fully furnished and equipped with kitchens, telephones, and laundry facilities. You must provide your own bed linens, towels, and kitchen utensils. Rent in these apartments includes both heat and electricity. If you prefer not to cook, you may eat meals in the residence hall cafeterias by purchasing a single meal ticket or choose from one of four meal plans.

Ridgeline, Cavalier, Summit, and University Apartments

These apartments appeal to non-traditional, married, and graduate students. They offer more privacy than the residence halls and include a private bathroom, a personalized kitchen, and a living room. Apartments are unfurnished and are available in studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom sized units.

Additional Housing Resources

     None of the additional housing resources listed above is affiliated with or endorsed by the University of Denver.