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Scholar Forms and Requests

Please review the guidelines for the appropriate visa category prior to submitting a form or request to our office. If you have any questions about these forms or how to complete them, please contact Laura Buhs at .

You will need Adobe Reader to view and fill out electronic PDF forms.


Document TitleDocument Description
Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) This handout explains how to apply for an ITIN as an alternate number for federal tax purposes if ineligible for Social Security number.
Letter re: lack of Social Security Number This letter explains what requirements must be met before a J-1 Exchange Visitor would be eligible to obtain a Social Security number.


Document TitleDocument Description
H-1B Request Form A form that departments can use to initiate the application process for an H-1B sponsored by DU.
Actual Wage Form  A form used by the department to certify that the H-1B worker will earn a salary comparable to others in the department with similar experience and qualifications.
Sample H-1B Support Letter A template for the departmental support letter to be sent to USCIS.
Export Compliance Questionnaire This questionnaire must be completed by the department and included with any H-1B or O-1 application.


Document TitleDocument Description
J-1 Request Form  
Health Insurance Attestation Form J-1 Exchange Visitors use this form to indicate his/her understanding of the J-1 health insurance requirement.
Letter regarding potentially sensitive research This document provides guidance for writing a support letter for a J-1 scholar to help explain the nature of the research and its applications to the consular officer who must determine whether this research would lead to an illegal technology transfer before granting the visa.
J-1 Transfer In Form J-1 Exchange Visitors use this form to verify eligibility to transfer his/her SEVIS record to the University of Denver
J-1 Transfer Out Form J-1 Exchange Visitors use this form to request that his/her SEVIS record be transferred to another school or program.


Document TitleDocument Description
Sample Employer's Letter for Canadian TN  A template for the required letter of employment that a TN will need to apply for entry into the United States.