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Public Transportation

Denver and the surrounding communities are connected by a series of bus routes and light rail lines managed by the Regional Transportation District (RTD). Most full-time DU students are eligible for an RTD Pass at no additional cost which gives them unlimited access to this extensive public transportation system.

Students must first obtain a DU Pioneer ID Card before going to the Transportation Center to get an RTD sticker placed on their ID. It is possible to request your Pioneer ID even before getting to Denver so that it is ready to pick up when you arrive on campus.


Bicycles are a common form of transportation on the DU campus. If you plan to have a bicycle on campus, make sure to visit the Campus Safety website for the University's bicycle regulations. The DU Transportation Center has links to a Denver bike map as well as information on the Denver B-Cycle program which allows you to rent a bike for short trips around Denver for a minimal charge.


In order to drive a motorized vehicle such as a car, truck, moped or motorcycle in Colorado, it is necessary to have a valid driver's license. Please visit our Driver's License/State ID webpage for more details on obtaining a Colorado license. This page also explains how to obtain a Colorado Identification Card which can be useful as a photo ID but does not allow you to drive.

The Owning and Driving an Automobile webpage gives an overview of some of Colorado's driving regulations since these laws may different from those of other countries and even of other states. Basic information on the laws and responsibilities of owning a vehicle is also provided.

Students who occasionally need a car in Denver but do not want to buy a vehicle may find the one of the car-sharing programs useful. The programs allows DU students to rent a car by the hour or on a daily basis. Some programs allow students as young as 18 years old to rent vehicles.