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Office of Internationalization

Office of Internationalization

Strategic Partnerships

The University of Denver, through the Office of Internationalization, is exploring the establishment of a select number of strategic partnerships, beginning with possibly the University of Glasgow in Scotland and Lund University in Sweden.  Other partners are also being considered, and while no strategic partnerships have been announced, the University and its partners are exploring opportunities.

A strategic partnership build on the traditional relationship between institutions (student exchanges, for example) to include broader-based cooperation such as faculty and staff exchanges and mobility.  In addition, there may be the possibility of joint degrees, research partnerships, curricular partnerships, or other inventive joint ventures.  The ideal strategic partnership capitalizes on the strengths of each institution in a complementary fashion, and involves a certain amount of mutual vision and belief in the benefits of the partnership itself.

Strategic partnerships can vary in intensity and do not imply that the many other agreements that a university may have with other institutions are somehow less important or valuable.  In fact, strategic partnerships can strengthen the other relationships by brings them into clearer focus and providing for a bridge between the various institutions.

More information will be posted on this pages as things develop.