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Degree Programs

Pioneer Pathways Program (P3)


WINTER Quarter 2017

Topics for weekly workshops will include the following:


January 9:
Workshop #1 – Preparation for Research, Internship Opportunities, & Graduate School – Why is it important? Checklist & Plan, Bring to Session on Jan 23.

January 16:
No Class - Martin Luther King, Jr Day – No Classes

January 23:
Workshop #2 Setting up your research/internship and scholarship application timeline working in small groups by major (in groups of 2 – 4). What will you accomplish this term? Select at least three opportunities to apply and develop a timeline.

January 30:
Workshop #3 - Charting your Course
This panel will include newly minted (recently graduated) PhD's, current graduate students and a young entrepreneur who were student just like you not too long ago. Ask them questions about their paths to graduate school and beyond and listen to their stories and how they navigated their academic journey.
a. Channing Roberts, Architectural Engineering
b. Eric Antillón, Civil Engineering, PhD, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
c. Pablo Cornejo-Warner, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Colorado Boulder, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
d. Veronica Hogg-Cornejo, Bio Mechanical Engineering Master's Degree Program, University of Denver
e. P3 Alumni TBD

February 6:
Workshop #4 - Power and Privilege Workshop-Identity


February 13:
Workshop #5 Analyzing and Synthesizing What You Read
This workshop will provide guidance in drawing conclusions and identifying remaining questions that authors have not yet addressed.
Lynn Schofield Clark, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Media, Film, & Journalism Studies and Director, Estlow International Center for Journalism & New Media, University of Denver, Author: The Parent App: Understanding Families in a Digital Age

February 20:
Workshop #6- Defining a Research Question, Writing Center – Writing Center
Once you've done the relevant reading, it's time to craft a research question.

February 27:
Workshop #7 – Research Design: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods - Dale Broder, PhD
Social scientists use many types of research methods to answer their respective research questions. Learn about basic differences in quantitative and qualitative research and what questions can be answered by each type of method.

The Lifecycle of Research
As an introduction to the academic research process, students will gain an understanding of where a single research project fits in to the larger academic community and will learn the basics of how to manage a research project.
Ph.D, IRISE Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Denver

March 6:
Workshop #8 - IRB Training, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs 
All research on human subjects requires approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). This training will discuss the nuts and bolts of IRB training and research ethics.


Wrap Up & Internship/Scholarship Application Timeline Check-in. What Did You Accomplish and What is Next?