DU Cable Television Network:

The University of Denver contracts with Comcast for its Cable TV channel line-up and programming, i.e. "Contracted Cable TV Service" which includes a Comcast-supplied set-top box, which were installed summer 2010 in all residential rooms, common areas and some offices in these buildings:

Support or upgrade procedures:

  • If you are a living in an ON-CAMPUS residential building or rent OFF-CAMPUS in a building covered by the university's contract and wish to upgrade your service package by adding Premium Channels, On Demand, High Definition, or a Digital Video Recorder, and are willing to pay the associated additional monthly fees ( DU will continue to pay for the Basic cable service to your room) please contact Comcast directly at 1-888-895-6504 or visit their web site .
  • If you are living ON-CAMPUS in one of the residential buildings and your Comcast-supplied set-top box, electrical power-brick, and/or remote is missing, please contact the Department of Housing & Residential Education at 303-871-2246.
  • If the cable TV outlet in your ON-CAMPUS residential room is not working correctly, please fill out a Cable TV Service Request form and one of our technicians will be glad to assist you in resolving the problem.
  • If you are any of the OFF-CAMPUS buildings and are having Cable TV problems, please contact Comcast directly at 1-888-895-6504. Please have your street address and room number available to expedite your request.
  •  If you are in one of the ON-CAMPUS Academic or Administrative buildings and you need a new Cable TV drop or are having problems with your outlet please full out a Cable TV Service Request form and one of our technicians will be glad to help.
  • If you need to see video on the installation of the cable box, please view this short video from Comcast. 

Note: The web-based Cable TV Service Request form is the preferred method for requesting support but If you are unable to fill out the form, please call the DU CATV hotline @ 303-871-3865 (X1-3865 if ON-CAMPUS) and leave a detail message with your building, room and contact information. Please speak slowly and spell out your first and last name.

Some of the DU Academic Buildings have Cable TV Service so if you are in one of those buildings and need repairs to an existing connection or need a new CATV connection please fill out a service request form. This web-based service form is the preferred method of contact. If you are unable to fill out the form, please call the DU CATV hotline at 303-871-3865 (x13865 from on campus).

Comcast Resources

Academic and Administrative buildings with active cable drops:

Building Name Street Address
Alumni 2190 E. Asbury Ave.
Ben Cherrington 2201 S. Gaylord St.
Chambers 1901 W. Asbury Ave.
Campus Safety 2130 S. High St.
Daniels 2101 S. University Blvd
Driscoll 2055 E. Evans Ave.
Facilities Center 2400 Race St.
HRTM 2044 E. Evans Ave.
Knudsen 2390 S. York St.
Law 2255 E. Evans Ave.
Margery Reed Building 2306 E. Evans Ave.
Mary Reed Building 2199 S. University Blvd.
Mass Communications 2490 S. Gaylord St.
Penrose Library 2150 E. Evans Ave
Ricks Center 2040 S. York st.
Ritchie 2240 E. Jewell Ave.
RWC-Barton Lacrosse 2201 E. Asbury Ave.
RWC-Stapleton Tennis 2201 E. Asbury Ave.
RWC-Student Health 2201 E. Asbury Ave.
Ruffatto Hall (Add) 1999 S. Race St.
Sturm Building 2000 E. Asbury Ave.
IT Building 2100 S. High St.

Here is a short video on how to install DTA cable box from Comcast


Other Housing and Residential Education (HRE) apartment buildings (Contact Comcast @ 1-888-895-6504)

  • Cavalier Apts
  • Mesa Apts
  • Ridgeline Apts
  • Summit Apts

University Rentals (Contact Comcast @ 1-888-895-6504)

  • Univ. Apts North
  • Univ. Apts South
  • Carousel
  • Univ. Place
  • Lynn Marie
  • Brittany Manor/Gardens
  • 12 Pack
  • SFD Houses
  • York St. Lofts

Greek buildings - Internet and CATV maintained by IT

  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Kappa Sigma

Other Greek buildings (Contact Comcast @ 1-888-895-6504)

  • Delta Delta Delta
  • Delta Zeta
  • Sigma Chi
  • Phi Kappa Sigma
  • Beta Theta Pi
  • Alpha Gamma Delta
  • Delta Gamma
  • Zeta Beta Tau
  • Gamma Phi Beta

Other Academic Buildings (Contact Comcast @ 1-888-895-6504)

  • International House