Development Software & Tools

Supported Software

IT trains and supports the following software for use by faculty and staff developers:

  • Adobe Contribute

Departments are advised to purchase software from the DU Bookstore, which carries these titles in stock for both PC and Macintosh.

coding Tools

  • Textpad extends the range of a basic text editor. This inexpensive tool includes the ability to open, search-replace, save, and close a multitude of files with single commands.
  • HTML Kit a free Windows programs for editing, validating, previewing your pages. Requires knowledge of HTML to use. Has a useful "Tidy" feature for organizing code and finding coding errors.
  • Note Tab Light 4.95 a free Notepad replacement and HTML editor
  • PlainHTML 3.7 a free HTML editor both for beginners and professionals bundled with a useful collection of mini tools and extensions.

Free FTP Clients

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