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Dean Hill in the News

October 4, 2015, Fox News Sunday Morning Futures, How Does Russian Intervention in Syria Shift U.S. Strategy?

September 23, 2015, Project Syndicate, Who Caused the Refugee Crisis?

September 16, 2015, Yonhap News Agency, Real problem is N. Korea's lack of interest in denuclearization

August 27, 2015, Project Syndicate, North Korea's Endgame

July/August 2015, Politico Magazine, Who Lost Iraq?

July 30, 2015, Project Syndicate,  The Iran Deal’s North Korean Shadow

July 23, 2015, The Colorado Statesman, Foreign-policy experts call for larger U.S. role in Middle East at CELL event

July 15, 2015, The New York Times, Obama's Iran Deal Pits His Faith in Diplomacy Against Skepticism

July 14, 2015, PRI,  Iran deal not based on trust, rather verification, says Obama

June 23, 2015, Project Syndicate,  America's Return to Iraq

June 12, 2015, Council on Foreign Relations,  What to Do About North Korea

June 3, 2015, CSIS, Korea Going Forward

May 30, 2015, Project Syndicate, A Contact Group Plan for Syria

May 14, 2015, CNN,  North Korea Nuclear Timeline Fast Facts

April 28, 2015, Project Syndicate,  A Time for Middle East Realism

April 20, 2015, CNN,  North Korea threatens U.S. ambassador

April 8, 2015, KAZU,  Ambassador Christopher Hill Speaks at the Sunset Center

April 7, 2015, UPI,  Iran nuclear deal provides example for North Korea, says ex-U.S. envoy

April 6, 2015, Global Post,  Iran nuclear deal good example for N. Korea: Christopher Hill

April 3, 2015, MSNBC,  Skepticism hovers over Iran nuclear deal

March 29, 2015, WIBC,  Former Ambassador: Iran Deal Will Be Tough Sell

March 26, 2015, Project Syndicate,  Northeast Asia’s Shared Destiny

March 22, 2015, CNN,  Why Putin's hosting Kim Jong Un

March 17, 2015, WUSF,  Former U.S. Ambassador Talks Diplomacy

March 15, 2015, Herald-Tribune,  Diplomat to reflect on the risks and rewards of foreign service

March 15, 2015, 9News, Balance of Power: Enemies foreign and domestic?

March 9, 2015, Huffington Post, Christopher Hill: A Diplomat at Work 

March 6, 2015, MSNBC, Questions raised about security for US diplomats overseas

March 6, 2015, How Safe are U.S. Diplomats, WWNO,  How Safe Are U.S. Diplomats?  

March 4, 2015, The Washington Times, U.S., China, South Korea should prepare for North Korea’s collapse, ex-envoy says

March 4, 2015, Voice of America,  Former US Negotiator Pessimistic on Peace Prospects in Korea

Feb. 25, 2015, Project Syndicate, Isis in America

Feb. 13, 2015, MSNBC,  Friday round-up: ISIS, Ukraine and POTUS

Feb. 8, 2015, The Washington Post,  Mistelling war stories? Brian Williams taking a cue from Clinton, Reagan and Civil War generals

Feb. 2, 2015, TribLIVE, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Hill tells World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh U.S. efforts in Syria fall short

Jan. 30, 2015, Project Syndicate, The Keys to Maintaining the Kingdom

Jan. 23, 2015, Tim Danahey Show,  Book Hour: Outpost – Life on the Frontlines of American Diplomacy

Jan. 3, 2015, CNN,  Iran will do what it takes to fight ISIS

Dec. 30, 2014, Project Syndicate, Op-Ed: "Strategic Clarity on North Korea" 

Dec. 7, 2014, Pittsburg Post-Gazette,  'Outpost': Ambassador Christopher Hill, one of America's best, provides a fascinating look at U.S. diplomacy

Dec. 5, 2014, The Gazette,  Former ambassador tells Colorado Springs crowd a plan needed to uproot ISIS

Dec. 2, 2014, Foreign Policy Association,  A Candid Discussion with Ambassador Christopher Hill

Nov. 29, 2014, The Denver Post,  Q&A with Christopher Hill: In defense of diplomacy

Nov. 29, 2014, Project Syndicate,  America’s Middle East Challenges

Nov. 23, 2014, Fox31 Denver,  Ambassador Chris Hill on Iran, Iraq and the value of diplomacy

Oct. 9, 2014, Global Post, Hill says he raised idea of blowing up N. Korean cooling tower

Oct. 6, 2014, CNN, Fmr. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq: Biden wasn't wrong, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia need to do more to fight ISIS

Oct. 5, 2014, NPR, 'Outpost': Stories Of Diplomacy In The World's Most Harrowing Places

Oct. 5, 2014, Providence Journal, Book review: Ex-Rhode Islander Christopher Hill relates life of a diplomat

Oct. 2, 2014, Politico, How the Obama Administration Ignored Iraq

Sept. 29, 2014, Project Syndicate, The Future of Syria

Sept. 15, 2014,, Former US Ambassador Christopher Hill reveals how diplomacy really works and why ISIS is such a threat

Aug. 25, 2014, Project Syndicate, Iraq after Maliki

Aug. 12, 2014, Fox News, Former US Ambassador on the fight for Iraq's life

Aug. 11, 2014, MSNBC, Iraqi president announces new prime minister

Aug. 11, 2014, Wall Street Journal, Nominee to Replace Maliki as Iraqi Premier Is Seen as Less Divisive

Aug. 10, 2014, ABC This Week, Crisis in Iraq: How long will U.S. be Involved

Aug. 10, 2014, Voice of America, U.S. Engagement in Iraq Continues

Aug. 10, 2014, The Hill,Former Iraq ambassador: Internationalize response to ISIS

Aug. 10, 2014, Politico, Ham: Airstrikes have 'given pause' to ISIL

Aug. 10, 2014, Politico, Partisan divide on Iraq actions

Aug. 8, 2014, Wall Street Journal, For Obama, Iraq Move Is a Policy Reversal

Aug. 8, 2014, CS Monitor, US authorizes airstrikes in Iraq as Islamic militants menace minorities

Aug. 7, 2014, MSNBC, Obama ‘authorizes two operations in Iraq’

Aug. 5, 2014, CCTV, Christopher Hill talks about cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

July 29, 2014, Project Syndicate,  The end of the Arab State

July 3, 2014, Al Jazeera, Can politics tame Iraq's militias?

June 21, 2014, MSNBC, Breaking down the US Options in Iraq

June 19, 2014, MSNBC, Obama announces next steps in Iraq 

June 19, 2014, CNN, Should Iraq's Prime Minister Stay or Go? 

June 19, 2014, NBC Nightly News, Obama to Send Troops Back to Iraq

June 16, 2014, MSNBC, Should the US Play a Role in Iraq

June 16, 2014 Fox News, US Considers Coordinating with Iran on Iraq Crisis

June 16, 2014, CCTV, Iraq asks United States for air support to counter rebels 

June 16, 2014, 9News, Former diplomats: Iraq must stay united 

June 16, 2014, Fox Business, U.S. considering military alliance with Iran to deal with Iraq? 

June 15, 2014, RT, Iraq: ISIS-ted democracy? 

June 15, 2014, Al Jazeera, Iraqi Army Claims Gains Against Rebels

May 31, 2014, MSNBC, US Soldier held Captive in Afghanistan Freed

May 5, 2014, CNN,  As violence escalates in Ukraine, so do fears of civil war

April 30, 2014, CSPAN, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill Talks About the Time His Motorcade Was Attacked by an IED

April 28, 2014, The New York Times,  The Case for Disobedience

April 21, 2014, The New York Times, Obama's Strategic Shift to Asia Is Hobbled by Pressure at Home and Crises Abroad

April 21, 2014, Project Syndicate, The End of the New World Order

April 5, 2014, MSNBC, U.S. Role in Afghanistan Elections and Ukraine 

April 3, 2014, The Daily Princetonian,  Former ambassador Christopher Hill speaks on foreign policy

March 24, 2014, MSNBC, Putin's power play puts Russia on the outs

March 21, 2014, Bowdoin News,  Bowdoin Announces 2014 Honorary Degree Recipients

March 21, 2014, Project Syndicate, Reckoning with Russia

March 21, 2014, BSANNA News, Hill: Macedonia acts as NATO member and should be accepted as such

March 17, 2014, MSNBC, Cooperation key in Malaysia flight search

March 16, 2014, The Aaron Harbor Show, Asian Affairs & Protecting the U.S. Abroad

March 10, 2014, MSNBC, What should US focus be in Ukraine crisis?

March 6, 2014, CNN, New Russia sanctions won't have much effect

February 23, 2014,, China's war of words

February 20, 2014, Project Syndicate, China's Fear Strategy

February 11, 2014, Arirang News, Stronger relations among Korea, China and Japan are key to Korean peninsula peace: Christopher Hill

February 10, 2014, GlobalPost, N. Korean nuke not acceptable for Asian peace: ex-U.S. envoy

February 6, 2014, CL Tampa Bay, Former ambassador Chris Hill talks about Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan at USF

February 5, 2014, The Tampa Tribue, Former U.S. ambassador says Iraq's potential obscured

January 23, 2014, Project Syndicate, Syria's war in Iraq

January 15, 2014, GlobalPost, Insight: Maliki consolidates power, fails to reconcile Iraqis

January 9, 2014, CNN,  Did Rodman hurt U.S. efforts to free American imprisoned in North Korea?

January 4, 2014, CNN, Militants Threaten Major Iraqi Cities

January 3, 2014, CNN, Iraq Fighting al Qaeda-Linked Militants


December 20, 2013, CNN, Expert: North Korea Purge Isn't Over

December 3, 2013, CNN, Fmr. Ambassador to South Korea on reported North Korea purges: Kim Jung Un wants to show country who is in charge

November 28, 2013, Project Syndicate, The Perils of Backseat Negotiating

November 25, 2013, MSNBC, A historic nuclear deal

November 24, 2013, MSNBC, The differences between Iran and North Korea

November 23, 2013, The New York Times, A Step, if Modest, Toward Slowing Iran's Weapons Capability

October 25, 2013, CCTV, China-U.S. Crisis Management

October 24, 2013, Project Syndicate, The Obama Anti-Doctrine

October 18, 2013, The Standard, Patience with Kim Fading

October 17, 2013, Bloomberg Television, How Easy Is It to Do Business in North Korea?

October 13, 2013, CRI English, Christopher Hill on China U.S. Ties

October 9, 2013, CSU Collegian, Former U.S. Ambassador addresses Syria issues to CSU Crowd

October 1, 2013, Denver Post, Korbel School dean Christopher Hill makes new friends in Colorado Springs

September 24, 2013, Business Week, US experts: NKorea can likely build key nuke parts

September 22, 2013, Yonhap News, Hill: N. Korea not serious about talks, but U.S. has no other option

September 19, 2013, CCTV, Denuclearization Dialogue: Six-Party Talks

September 18, 2013, Project Syndicate, The Geneva Conversion

September 18, 2013, The Colorado Springs Gazette, Former Ambassador Urges U.S. Diplomatic Engagement in Middle East

September 11, 2013, NPR, Kerry's Meeting With Russian Is Next Key Moment In Syria Crisis

September 5, 2013, PBS Newshour, Should U.S. Spend More Time Working Out 'Diplomatic Architecture' on Syria?

September 4, 2013, Voice of America, Ambassador Christopher Hill and General Anthony Zinni on Syria

August 30, 2013, New York Times, After British Vote, Unusual Isolation for U.S. on Syria

August 30, 2013, Voice of America, Experts Cite Problems in Possible US Strike on Syria

August 29, 2013, The Take Away, Syria: "Hit These People & Hit Them Very Hard"

August 29, 2013, BuzzFeed Politics, Syria Is Not Kosovo, Balkan Veterans Say

August 27, 2013, 9News Denver, Toppling Syrian regime would come with great risk

August 20, 2013, Project Syndicate, The Limits of Twitter Diplomacy

August 11, 2013, C-Span, Threats to U.S. Embassies

August 5, 2013, Andrea Mitchel Reports, Chris Hill on embassy terror threats: 'The US is in hunker down position'

August 4, 2013, CNN, Intercepted al Qaeda message led to shuttering embassies, consulates

August 3, 2013, CNN, Embassies Close as U.S. Issues Global Travel Alert Due to al Queda Threat

July 23, 2013, Project Syndicate, Saving Syria and America

July 10, 2013, CNN, No end in Sight for NSA leak Fallout

June 23, 2013, Project Syndicate, China's South Korean Future

May 21, 2013, Managing Syria's Meltdown, Managing Syria's Meltdown

May 16, 2013, NPR, Ex-Ambassador to Iraq Weighs In On Talking To 'Monsters'

May 15, 2013, New York Times, When to Talk to Monsters

April 30, 2013, Fox News Radio, Ambassador Christopher Hill On Syria

April 24, 2013, Project Syndicate, How to Move China

April 15, 2013, CNN, Will North Korea's young leader sit up and listen to China?

April 10, 2013, Worldview, Former U.N. Ambassador Christopher Hill on the Korea Crisis

April 9, 2013, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, North Korea: Behind the Bamboo Curtain

April 6, 2013, Quartz, Former US official: N orth Korean leader is one of the more pathetic heads of state

April 4, 2013, CNN, Special 6pm ET edition of the Situation Room: North Korean Crisis

March 30, 2013, ABC News (Australia), Tension rising between North Korea and US

March 30, 2013, Washington Post, Aggressive talk from North Korea concerns U.S. leaders

March 27, 2013, CNN Newsroom, Analysis: What's Kim Jong Un up to?

March 27, 2013, Al Jazeera English, US 'shock and audit' over Iraq expenses

March 19, 9News Denver, Iraq War 10 year anniversary reflections

March 18, 2013, Project Syndicate, From War of Choice to War Without End

March 16, 2013, AFP, Costly Iraq war left US no stronger in Middle East

March 15, 2013, HuffPost Live, When Diplomacy Fails

March 14, 2013, AFP, Ten years on, Iraq haunts US response to Syria, Iran

March 12, 2013, Los Angeles Times, U.S. issues new sanctions after North Korea 'scraps' armistice

March 7, 2013, PRI's The World, US Ready for North Korean Attack

January 30, 2013, Studio 12, War on Terror: What Does it Mean Today?

January 23, 2013, Project Syndicate, America's Unconfirmed Hostages

January 11, 2013, Jansing & Co, Fmr. Ambassador: Afghans need to solve Afghanistan's future, not the U.S.

January 7, 2013, PRI's The World, What Google's Eric Schmidt and Former Governor Bill Richardson will Achieve in North Korea.

January 2013, 5280 Magazine, Talking Points: Interview of Christopher Hill by Luc Hatlestad.


December 12, 2012, New York Times, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, is quoted following the successful launch of a long range rocket by North Korea.

December 12, 2012, PRI's The World, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, talks about the successful launch of a long range rocket by North Korea.

November 12, 2012, Project Syndicate, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christoper Hill, writes about the foreign policy potential of the second Obama administration.

October 22, 2012, Project Syndicate, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, writes about the growing trends toward nationalism in Japan and China.

September 24, 2014, Project Syndicate, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses the lack of discourse surrounding the foreign affairs in the 2012 presidential election.

July 30, 2012,,  Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses the challenges and opportunities in foreign policy after the election.

July 27, 2012,,  Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses the marriage announcement of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

June 15, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, shares his thoughts with Project-Syndicate in "Where Are the Syrian Peacemakers?"

May 19, 2012, The Daily Star, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill shares his thoughts in, "To wage war, it's best to explore diplomatic options first."

May 16, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill discusses effective diplomacy in, "The Diplomacy Option."

May 4, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill speaks with MSN's Andrea Mitchell about Guangcheng's fate.

April 26, 2012,, "The Chinese are on the hot seat," says Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill during interview with Donald Kirk with The Christian Science Monitor.

April 25, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, says "North is relic of China's past, not asset for its future," at the 2012 Asan Plenum, a three-day international forum on global challenges.

April 25, 2012, Yonhap News, "I think it is correct to be concerned that the next nuclear test will be somehow different and bigger than previous nuclear tests," Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill tells Yonhap News Agency in an interview in Seoul.

April 18, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, shares his thoughts with Project-Syndicate in "Is North Korea losing China?"

April 16, 2012, C-SPAN, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill discusses North Korea's failed rocket launch with C-SPAN.

April 15, 2012, Arirang News, Dean Hill quoted in Korea's Arirang News article; "UNSC Statement Against N. Korea Seems Imminent.

April 13, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill featured in this PBS NewsHour video discussing North Korea's recent missile failure.

April 13, 2012,, 64th Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, Christopher Hill discuss foreign policy at the University of Denver.

April 13, 2012,,  Dean Christopher Hill speaks with 9news about the nuclear testing in North Korea.  

April 9, 2012,, Dean Christopher Hill discusses North Korea's rocket launch, in, "Birthday launch masks North Korea's struggles within."

March 22, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, has "Forgotten Foreign Policy" featured on

March 21, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, shares his thoughts with on "Forgotten Foreign Policy."

March 1, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses North Korea’s agreement with the U.S. to suspend major elements of its atomic weapons program.

March 1, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, speaks with Aljazeera about North Korea's agreement to suspend its enrichment program along with nuclear and long-range missile tests, and to let United Nations nuclear inspectors monitor the deal.

February 29, 2012, The World Tonight, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, speaks with The World News Tonight about North Korea's agreement to suspend uranium enrichment and the testing of long-range missiles.

February 22, 2012, The Denver Post, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill and U.S. Senator Mark Udall speak briefly about international affairs with the Denver Post.

February 22, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, sits on national security forum/panel discussion, hosted by Senator Mark Udall.

February 22, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, participates on national security forum and panel discussion, hosted by Senator Mark Udall.

February 15, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, writes on the importance of Sino-American relations.

February 8, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, says Chinese Vice President's visit will "really help" Sino-American relations.

February 7, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, articipates in commemoration of 40 year anniversary of Shanghai Communique.

February 7, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, says US doesn't want to contain China.

January 19, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses Iraq's domestic political situation.

January 19 2012, DU Today, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses the "fresh starts" in Iraq and North Korea.

January 17, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses the legacy of the late Richard Holbrooke with the Council on Foreign Relations.

January 4, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses Kiro Gilgorov, Macedonia's Man of Peace