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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Josef Korbel School of International Studies Regional Emphasis on Africa

Student Ambassadors

Yadira Rodriguez Bernal

Josef Korbel School of International Studies Student Ambassador Yadira Rodriguez BernalEmail:

  • 2nd Year
  • MA International Security

I am a Colombian student who has public and academic experience in counternarcotic affairs. I am concerned about the drug production in my country and the implications of this illegal industry for the United States. I studied International Relations and Political Science at Rosario University in Bogotá. During my undergraduate studies I started to research about the World's drug problem, and then I wrote my graduation thesis about the application of the international regime of the War against drugs in Colombia. This document was electronically published in the Colombian Drug Observatory where I started to work after graduation.

During my time at the Colombian Drug Observatory I assisted with the production of studies and investigations related to the drug problem by researching and analyzing the international instruments signed by Colombia in drug related issues. In this process, I was a participating author of different documents related to the direct state spending on drugs, and of the Colombian Drug Observatory year book. Additionally, I was in charge of the analysis of the United States National Security Policy in counternarcotics affairs.

I volunteer at the International Services Restoring Family Links Program in the American Red Cross, work as Administrative Assistant at the Denver Council of Foreign Relations, and tutor Spanish at the Center for World Languages and Cultures.