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Crisis Engagement & Negotiation Exercise

Game Information

To continually improve the CENEX experience, the executive committee will update the rules each year, based on the experiences during the previous year's simulation.

Steps of the game

  1. Review the game background document (PDF) to learn the strategic environment.
  2. Introduce Move I. Moves contain new information about the political, cultural and economic dynamics of each state and organization. Teams use this information to decide, respond and act.
  3. Introduce Move II.

Rules of the simulation

  • While total war may be the end result, CENEX at its core is a crisis engagement exercise. Participants should make all attempts to exhaust diplomatic and other non-military options.
  • We will implement realistic controls. However, participants should use creative solutions to resolve the crisis at hand.
  • Controls should insert new pieces of information, called injects, to escalate or de-escalate certain aspects of the scenario rather than to drastically alter the scenario or invalidate the work of the participants.
  • We will alter Move II, which was designed before the start of play, to accommodate the previous work of the participants and the overall trajectory of Move I.
  • We will divide country teams into bureaucratic structures with a clear delineation of authority and areas of responsibility.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)