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The Colorado European Union Center of Excellence


CEUCE's mission is to foster institutional and people-to-people links between the Mountain West region of the United States and the European Union. With its interdisciplinary focus, CEUCE promotes research excellence, enhances undergraduate and graduate education, engages in extensive direct outreach, and fosters the emergence of new public-private-academic relationship toward making the University of Denver a crossroads between ourselves and the EU.

CEUCE is proud to announce that as of August 2015 it has been awarded two prestigious grants: The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence award from the European Union (EU) Commission and a two-year grant, ‘Getting to Know Europe’, from the EU Delegation (Diplomatic Mission) to the United States in Washington DC. Those grants will allow us to continue with CEUCE’s vocation, established at CU Boulder between 2007 and 2014 in sponsoring research, teaching, outreach and public diplomacy related to the EU.

The Academic Directors of CEUCE at Denver University are Professors Martin Rhodes and Rachel Epstein. Both have many years of experience and research expertise in EU affairs and comparative European politics and political economy. Felicia Naranjo Martinez, the Executive Director of CEUCE, has been with CEUCE since 2008 and brings with her, to CEUCE at DU, her many years of experience in development and network building around CEUCE in the Mountain West region and beyond.

CEUCE Posts on Current Affairs

November 16, 2016 - The election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency in the United States presents some clear parallels with populist movements in Europe (see Martin Rhodes' post on Trump, Brexit and Nationalism). In Understanding the "Alternative for Germany": Origins, Aims and Consequences, Professor Rachel Epstein examines some of those parallels with Professor Donald Abenheim of the Naval Postgraduate School and author of Rettet den Staatsbuerger in Uniform: Gedanken zu einem deutsch-amerikanischen Problem, a series of essays on military professionalism and contemporary conflict.

November 9, 2016 - Following the 2016 US Presidential Election, Dr. Martin Rhodes writes on Trump, Brexit and the Demise of Traditional Left-Right Politics. "As Donald Trump moved closer to securing the US presidency on the night of Tuesday, November 9, 2016, pundits on all channels were at a loss to define or even describe the phenomenon they were seeing unfold on the electoral map. They were stunned by the inaccuracy of the opinion polls, and perplexed by what the election said about their country. As one friend quipped, while Britain voted to leave the European Union, the US has voted "to leave itself". But we should not have been entirely surprised." Read the entire post here

July 5, 2016 - This post, by CEUCE's Dr. Martin Rhodes, originally appeared in the Denver Dialogues series at, "Political Violence @ a Glance".  Brexit, the Rise of Populist Nationalism, and the Future of Europe – The outcome of the 'Brexit' vote is a disaster for Britain as well as for the European Union (EU). Unless something unexpected occurs, Britain will leave the EU after two years. Its economy will suffer and its politics will polarize still further. The EU, already flailing in its attempts to deal with multiple challenges, will have to cope with complex British exit negotiations, and the fillip the Brexit vote will give to far-right nationalist parties. Nationalism has been the scourge of European history (see Mark Mazower's Dark Continent: Europe's Twentieth Century) and no one should underestimate the potency of those base instincts in European politics today.


Rhodes and Caporaso

CEUCE is pleased to announce that a new volume edited by Martin Rhodes and James Caporaso is now available from the Oxford University Press.  The Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis is the first book to provide a full and dispassionate account of the politics and economics of the Eurozone crisis, focusing on the interlinked origins and impacts of the Euro-Zone crisis and the policy responses to it. For more information, please check our Publications tab.

Leason European Union Scholarship Fund
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We are delighted to announce our establishment of the Frieda Sanidas Leason and Bernard V. Leason European Union Scholarship Fund. The scholarship will provide stipends for deserving college students from the Rocky Mountain West Network to participate in unique EU learning experiences.

Undergraduate and graduate students from our Rocky Mountain West Network Partners, University of Denver, University of New Mexico, University of Wyoming, and the University of Colorado are invited to apply for this $2500 scholarship intended to augment European Union studies. The application has seven components: Essay on life goals as they pertain to European Union studies, GPA documentation, Demonstration of need (documentation of institutional financial aid), Vision Statement, Interview, References, Identified Europe connection.

Read the application requirements. Deadline to apply: December 31, 2016.


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